🔷 Schiit Modius

This is the official thread for the Schiit Modius

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  • AES3, Optical, Spdif, USB in, XLR & RCA out
  • AK4493 24/192, Unison USB
  • Separate circuits for balanced and unbalanced

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Link to schiits site

Just a balanced modi, seems nice


Seems pretty cool, I wonder if they improved the sound of the modi first lol. Using separate circuits for single ended and balanced is a nice touch, also surprised to see an aes3 and unison for usb input as well. Seems neat and I wonder how it would compare to an enog 2 pro

Also you mind if I just make this into an official thread lol?


well schiit

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According to Darko there’s a better DAC chip so I’d hope it sounds better than the Modi.

So the issue with the modi imo was the implementation, it was just an unrefined sounding dac imo, they did a very marginal upgrade to a 4493 vs the older 4490, all they need to do is improve the implementation imo

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Sure, official it.

I may have ordered one just to check out. :laughing:. At least until the Bifrost2 actually ships

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As did I lol, another budget dac to go in the budget setup I guess lol


Me too! Now to compare it to the bifrost, Fulla 3 (AK4490 with a similar but cheap implementation). I’m curious if this DAC will synergize with my THX or RNHP better.


This is an interesting development. I assumed Schiit would make a Modi 4 or a Modi 3+ first (they still might). But, they appear to go the route of making a DAC that both in price and form factor stacks with Asgard and Lyr. I also wonder if the balanced outputs indicate a balanced version of the Asgard is on the horizon?

Edit: after typing that it might make more sense to say Schiit may have plans to update the Jotenheim. The Modius then gives a balanced DAC option that stacks with it AND keeps the total cost under or about equal to a Bifrost all by itself. Until now balanced DAC with USB input for $200 was SMSL-only territory.


Having had a bad experience with the m300 I’m really happy to see this offering at the price. Though it lacks some of those features.

I’m finding that fiddly features are less interesting to me. Like on the ADI2, I am not excited to play with the EQ at all, and the features get in the way of changing inputs. At least with the modi/modius/bifrost changing inputs is super easy.

And yes I know there’s a remote for the RME, seems overkill.

I guess what I’m saying is I just want to to work and be simple. I do enough fiddling for work, I don’t need anymore haha


If this existed a week ago, I wouldn’t have an asgard 3 with multibit card in it. Thanks, schiit!


Rip, well at least you have the multibit which will be different from the modius most likely

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Just pulled the trigger on this. Tough to find a balanced DAC at this price point.


That’s what I’m hoping. I orderd mimby and asgard 3 to compare as DACs. They sound nearly identical, if not exactly identical to me with quick a/b switching. So, I’m hoping this is just a balanced modi that sounds the same.

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It measures better than the B2!

If I didn’t already have the multibit dac card in my asgard I would get this.

oh my word! I think this means I will have a matching Schiit Stack in the near future :wink:


To whom it may concern…

So, how important is that ground isolation if the noise is extremely low?

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