Schiit Bifrost 2

Well, I guess I’m keeping the modius. It’s wild they aren’t able to get dates locked in, or actually communicate more detailed reasons for the delay. After a couple delays “supply” is no longer satisfactory. Even a quick run down of what specifically is currently unavailable would go a long way imo

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I have to say… the Mobius (initial listen) is too far off of the Bifrost 2 sound. You lose some of the layering it it can par with a THX amp surprisingly well.

You mean isn’t far off the Bifrost?

You can tell the analog sections of the Modius have been inspired by the Bifrost 2. I’m very impressed, I just tried the balanced out on the Modius… wow. I can firmly recommend this DAC as a stepping stone to the Bifrost 2. It doesn’t resolve as well, but it’s an enjoyable DAC that seems to mellow out the treble a bit on harsher amps. The Bifrost 2 however… if you have an AMP that is bit harsh on treble and can’t handle thicker upper mids, the Bifrost 2 will be a bit much.


No I get you. I’m asking here if you mean it Isn’t.

I think this discussion is better for the Modius thread.

I really don’t get your impression on the Bifrost 2 at all. I find it to be a warmer sounding DAC, as do many others. So very strange that you think it’s bright.

I didn’t call the Bifrost 2 bright.

Harsh in the treble? I find that odd.

Made in USA…aka lockdown central. You got their suppliers running out of parts plus them. You obviously don’t work manufacturing if you find the delays “unsatisfactory”. I work at Jeep. We run out of parts all night still. And we have a little more influence then schiit or the entire audio industry.


Only with the THX 887 amp. I haven’t witnessed any harshness on any of my other amps. Also mind you, that’s only with headphones that resolve really well and can be harsh on treble (LCD X, Blon B20, Diana Phi for what I have). And at that, while there is a harshness ONLY only the THX 887 that I have noticed, it is very mild so I hope I am not over stating harshness by accident, it’s a tick that way from neutral.

Also note the harshness is only commented as well compared to the Modius in comparison. You’re right, BF2 is not harsh but it does bad things I am describing as harsh specifically on my THX 887 with the headphones mentioned to contrast how smooth the Modius is. The differences are tiny.

Just have some patience. They will get those parts they need eventually. They are not the only ones suffering. DIY common and popular kits are all out of stock for the most part still. The small side of the audio industry is suffering all over. Same with clothing.

Edit: the area ii was on backorder earlier in the year for over 2 months due to same reason, they are just based in Asia so had lockdowns sooner.

Not that they’re “unsatisfactory” (delays are delays and that’s fine), just that if I’m gonna wait a month regardless I just want to get the DAC I originally wanted. I just didn’t want to wait the month or so to get it, so I chucked my money at the next best thing for me, which was the Bifrost. I also have more insight into what’s happening in their manufacturing process in singapore than what’s happening at schiit in CA. That is slightly frustrating.

The why shouldn’t matter. It is what it is. Have faith. You don’t think they want to sell their new hot 700$ dac? The delays are real and why’s don’t matter. And no one is judging for not waiting. It is what it is.

They do at least happen to have a fine new 200$ dac in stock for now :slightly_smiling_face:


I do have faith it’d come eventually, but again, I have better visibility to production and delays in singapore than in CA. Schiit kinda just pushed the dates back with no announcements / emails and no extra info as to why they don’t have a definitive date / what exactly is missing. If they were a bit more forthcoming with that info I would have held off cancelling.

About the modius. I am distrustful of low price schiit products. My heresy came and pretty much instantly broke. The Hel has serious build problems. I won’t buy any of their cheap stuff anymore tbh. They were also kind of dickish in the support / warranty process for the heresy. Even though the modius is ‘flavor of the day’, I’m not really interested.

Anyways, everybody do what they want, I just want to state why I pulled out.


Correct, I do not work in manufacturing. Just a customer. I have had a lot of great experiences with handling delays though, this just requires users to directly go to the site and check if a date has changed. Zero other notification so it’s less than satisfactory after many weeks.


That assumes they have notice in advance of delays. I agree they could send out notifications to those who have purchased and are waiting for shipping. I will email them again and ask them to do so. enough people email and they will change policy. this is something new for them and i just think they do not have the system set up in place to deal with delays. i don’t think they have ever had a delayed product before like this.

And I am sorry if i ruffled feathers, not my intent :slightly_smiling_face:

Just trying to explain out manufacturing a little. To each their own, and to all be well :+1:

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That is strange that a musical dac would cause the thx to he harsher than it already is. You’d think it would help bring some musicality back to the thx.

Moral of the story, THX is overhyped garbage.


I mean… That is one way to look at it. The THX I just was designed with sigma delta DACs in mind.

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Tend to agree with Hazi here. Can’t see THX would sound more harsh than on a delta sigma. Presumably you tested using the same songs throughout?

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