Schitt UK and EU suck

I’ll leave this here what’s the point of running overseas outlets if you can’t fucking stock them???


Yeah, the number of times on just this forum where EU members are like “no Schitt” and even the Canadians talk about the huge markup there…it does seem Schitt is potentially losing a fair amount of sales because their international distribution sucks. Hard to see how it wouldn’t be cost effective to smooth that out.

You’d think so wouldn’t you?.. it’s hard to rec good Schitt stuff to people over my side of the pond without coming up against supply issues or stupid import charges :weary:

It would be nice if they could sort out their national distribution first lol. They had supply chain and stocking issues (and communication issues) long before the pandemic.

Their stuff might sound good and cost little, but if you can’t get your hands on it then what’s the point in even looking at them?

Sorry, I’m being toxic, but I’ve had consistent negative experiences with schiit even when I’ve really wanted to try them out again.

I got the Magni 3 last year and ordered it directly from Shiit.
And if the additional shipping costs would not have been incurred.
I was importing 115 € with VAT.
With shipping costs where the equivalent of $ 15 was added, it was just under € 130.
It is actually still possible.
Although I think the Schitt would now be in the position to offer free shipping to Europe or worldwide.
At Shenzen Audio you offer it so that it stays with customs clearance and taxes.

Due to its rarity in Europe, the Magni 3 was able to sell quickly.
The ad was deleted after 2 days.
And I was even able to sell it at a higher price because the Magni 3 was replaced by the plus and sold out.
The other suffering topic is the current American President who has been involved in customs matters.
And a lot of it is no longer so easy to offer something cheap.

You guys over there have probs with stock too? :open_mouth:

I’ve never had an issue prior to the virus, but it’s been terrible since CA shut down in March, BF2 has been made of unobtainium for a while.
The fact they manufacture in CA, coupled with sourcing parts from I assume China is probably not a good combination.

This is kind of issue with all the US brands in EU.
I wanted liquid platinum, found one in french store for 1200EUR??
Shiit is the same story and very hard to find here. Headphones are similary hard to get like ZMF is on my radar but…

I guess that makes sense for you guys but EU and UK has always been some what hit and miss even before Rona.

Holy fuck stagecoach robbery :cowboy_hat_face: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

A lot of these XXX Europe or even XXX US companies aren’t actually any direct relation to the main entities, they are just companies with a distribution deal.
The primary entities just fulfill orders for them, have little or no control over what they charge or how much stock they keep.
Some are better than others.

Fun fact is that blody monoprice wont ship to my country :smiley: Would order it from US and pay customs + VAT and still save a chung of money.
For 1200 I will go for something produced in Germany lets say

:+1: a 100% no brainer lol

No worries! You’re not. But your conscientiousness about it is one reason why this forum rocks!

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I feel like its just exactly the same of trying to get british brand speakers over to the US, For example Wharfedale. They are much rarer in the US than in the UK as Im guessing it just cost alot more to get them over there which didnt justify the cost when u could spend the shipping money on better speakers over there. Like me in the UK doesnt see the point of getting something from US with £100 shipping when i could just buy the next model up of something in the uk for that price.

I had to get my Asgard 3 shipped directly from Schiit US, I think it actually worked out within £16 of the Eu dealer site and that’s including customs etc. Fortunately I still think it’s worth the cost considering it ended up about the same price as a sp200 from amazon which I was originally looking at before being advised to look at the Asgard.

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Getting even more off topic.
When I relocated from the UK to the States in the 90’s, it was surprising to me to find that all the popular higher end items were different. Mostly all local brands, and that still continues.

It’s one of the reasons it’s so hard to recommend items to people from outside your country, and probably one of the reasons Topping and SMSL recommendations are so common, they’re pretty much available everywhere at more or less the same price.

A lot of lower cost stuff just makes no sense once you start sticking duties and shipping on top of the local cost.

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Yup exactly what I thought. Just annoying cos so many people in US there are less reviewers in the UK xD. Hows the fear of not having a central fuse box in ur house? XD that thing is a life saver haha.

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My landed cost was $1,050.00 in Canadian bucks…

Schitt’s insistence on selling direct through their site with no option to prepay international duties and taxes make it sooo fucking annoying as a canadian. Its why I’m sticking to Canadian made stuff and pre existing stock for the time being

Just sell your schitt through amazon and let them fufill the orders if need be.