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  • Type: In Ear
  • Amp needed: NO

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Oh come on, I just decided on getting the FH3… Now I have to contemplate whether these are worth $30-$60 more :frowning:


That’s just it there’s always another new kid on the block to keep you on your audio toes lol


Following, heard good things about these!

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I hate how much I want these just because of the marketing

Anyone tried SeeAudio Kaguya yet??

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Did I just fell in love because of a graph?!


I’ve had the Yume for around 2 weeks now and I like them a lot. I’ve not been in this hobby for long enough to say anything detailed about frequency response and the like, but they fit my tastes. They also fit my ears pretty well
Using them with my pretty cheap phone or tablet without an external dac is nigh impossible though due to their efficiency I reckon

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I’m thinking the SeeAudio Yume would be of great interest to those who prefer a mid-centric focused sound. When I watched THIS video, his description of the Yume is exactly how I would describe the Mangird TEA… which is definitely a mid-focused set.

I just took a closer look at the videos and realised that the carry case of mine is different. Not that I’m complaining I find it quite cute


hmmm… a barely used set of Yume popped up on eBay today for $129, couldn’t resist and they’re headed my way.

I suspect they may not sound as detailed or spacious as the TEA’s, but for the price it was a no brainer to continue burrowing down the IEM rabbit hole once again.

The puck style carrying case has that bunny ears logo… seems reminiscent of the Playboy dynasty, LOL


These are good… really good. They are smaller than the TEAs, but just by a tad bit. Excellent sound isolation. They sound very similar to the TEAs, but not quite there in overall sound “body”.

They are not as boring as some people have described them. Plenty of spaciousness, separation, and detail. Perfect for acoustic guitar and female vocal arrangements. And yes, they do have good sub-bass… just not for die-hard bass heads.

And Zeppelin II ‘Bring It On Home’ … Plant’s voice with harmonica in the first 1:40 sounds GREAT out of the Yume.


See Audio Yume review:

I recently picked a pair of these up.
Sound great on a Shanling M3X using balanced output.
No complaints for the money.

Best at it’s price range!

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one of my favorite IEMs

hmmm, I just tried three of them

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what’s your favourite?

I got mine today. Super happy with how comfortable they are. First impressions so far are that they have enough bass and the treble doesn’t stab holes through my ear drums. I often find female vocal get too hot for me on a lot of in ears that have “V” shaped signatures. I still have to get through more tracks but so far none of the divas have turned into screaming banshees.