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This is the official thread for the Sendy Aiva. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

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So I got these in today and overall I’m happy with them and prefer them over the Elex. I was half expecting to return them due to the mid range dip it has. It’s not perfect, but I find it to still be usable without EQ.

Does anyone have any single ended cable recommendations? And how about a 4.4 mm to 4 pin XLR adapter?

This is my favorite cable of all the cables I own.

It’s funny you enjoy the Aiva more than the Elex. I’m sensitive to treble and the Aiva are my least favorite cans I own. I feel the Elex are the superior headphone compared to the Aiva.

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That’s a nice a cable. But that’s way more than I’m looking to spend. I’m guessing you bought it before hearing the Aiva?

I ordered them at the same time. That cable is one of the reasons I still own the Aiva. I LOVE that cable. I go balanced with all my headphones.

Then just go with Periapt. Fantastic quality and made to order to your specifications.

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In what way are the Elex superior? I haven’t heard either and I’m looking to buy the Aiva’s at some point in the future

This is all personal preference. You might enjoy the Aiva more than the Elex. Personally, I guess I am sensitive to treble, and the Aiva’s treble is extended/exaggerated, and the Aiva is bass lite. I can’t listen to the Aiva for long periods of time without my ears ringing. This is really unfortunate because other than this issue, I love everything else about the Aiva. It is gorgeous, super comfortable and its build quality and cables are like no other.

The Elex in comparison for me is pretty close to the perfect headphone. I also have a ZMF Aeolus and Enjoy both the sound the Elex produces almost as much as the Aeolus. I love both the Elex and the Aeolus for different reasons.

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I really like the Aiva, but I am on my THIRD pair due to manufacturing defects in the drivers. The first pair had insane driver crinkle whenever I put it on my head, moved, or even had a fan near one of the sides. The 2nd pair came and had not as much, but still both drivers crinkled, and a right leaning channel imbalance. My most current pair still have a crinkle (which drives me nuts), but it only happens when you put them on at least. I bought (and returned) through Amazon from MusicTek. Before I returned my first pair, I contacted MusicTek about the issue, and they were friendly and sent me over the new pads for the Aiva (they look to be perforated and more firm) and while they did reduce the amount of crinkling, it was still present enough to be annoying, along with the fact that IMO the new pads didn’t sound as good as the old ones. Would still recommend, but only if they could fix these issues

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Mine as well have the crinkle issue when I put them on. Personally, I’m a fan of dynamic drivers over all others.

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I just like whatever I believe sounds good, but my other planars don’t make this noise (lcd2/m1060/ed x v2/he560 v1/argon) and it drives me insane.

I love my Aivas, especially with my new Ar m200. Its a not that powerful, but 4.4 balanced, class a dap. If it drops again then Ill get a couple more of them, because for 100 bucks they are unbeatable, not even with desktop amps.

When I first tried them on they also had a crinkle, but after some burn in they sounded perfect

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Man I thought I was unlucky with my pair since the head strap is really loose. Fortunately, I had zero crinkle. If anyone else has that problem, it’s at least fixable by replacing the friction pads. Now I’m just waiting to get them from MusicTek.

You can fix the headstrap by taking it apart. There are tabs with rubber that touch the metal bands. I took the rubber out and cut small pieces of paper and put them underneath the rubber and re-assembled. Now the headstrap is like a rock.


The stand is also silly and awesome. :slight_smile:


I find them detail rich, visceral. Very good imaging. Somewhat intimate soundstage, but does not feel confined. The dip in the mids do not bother me, guitars and vocals sound great and are present. The bass is just right for me, I’ve seen some call them bass light, but I’ve always had more neutral and bass light headphones so maybe that’s why. The mid bass does seem to bloat a little bit, but not a deal breaker. The highs are great. The treble is very good and does not fatigue. I’m a bit sensitive so I usually take a decibel or two off of everything I have pretty much ever owned haha. Build quality is great. I had the dreaded crinkle when I first got them, but it wasn’t terrible and only occured when I put them on or pushed on the cups. Now it has seemed to go away almost entirely after a few months use.

Overall, I love them and I’m a happy camper. I listen to a lot of EDM and hip hop, but I listen to a lot of things and love these for just about anything. Just an exciting headphone that is comfortable for a reasonable price.


So the crinkle has nothing to do with sound quality? I was concerned because since planar drivers have a thin diaphragm stretched between the magnets, if it was loose, I figured that would affect the sound that comes out of them. It’s very minor, only happens when I put them on, I just don’t want to be missing sound quality that I don’t know exists.

The crinkle will not effect the sound quality as long as it’s not actively crinkling all the time. It’s not that the driver is loose, it’s that the material is so thin that the act of creating a seal or breaking that seal around your ears causes it to flex because of the change in air pressure

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