🔷 Sennheiser HD280 Pro (new version)

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  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp needed: No
  • Closed Back

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I wonder how big the difference is to the HD-300 Pro’s

The 300 pro’s are interesting, I don’t think I have had enough time with them to say anything though

I think they are better built and more comfortable

mfw Sennheiser releases a new headphone with the same name as an older headphone and it looks the same… BRUH moment.

I wonder if they gonna be a good choice in the $150 range tho :thinking:

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They are different in a good way. Senn follows the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” rule, and it works out well for them

I guess if I had to say some more about the 300 pro is that it has better isolation (along with the build and comfort factor I mentioned above if you don’t mind some clamp). I actually don’t think they were as neutral sounding to the ear as the 280 pro, but still very good, something that I could def see myself using after a few short demos


Welcome to the professional world. List of 41 minor complaints, 10 years later… new version, only 10 minor complaints.

I still use equipment that was originally designed in the 60’s and 70’s in my studio lol. Stuff does not move that quick for analog hardware


They shouldve at least called it the V2 or something

@M0N ok boomer :joy:

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I’m younger than 30 lol. I have some vintage gear, but some of it are modern recreations because the real stuff are really expensive

I’m 22 myself but using headphones from the '60s and '70s is boomer af

I mean studio rackmounts and mics, I use modern headphones. Headphones older than the 2000’s are really not great besides some rare examples. Speakers tho it depends on preference. The oldest headphone I own comes from like 1989-1990

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Oh I see

20 characte

Yeah don’t even consider vintage headphones unless you really know what you are doing lol, you most of the time will be better off going for a newer headphone

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Just get those AKG K240 vintage and plug them into a phone and proceed to hear very very very quiet sound xD

The K240 Sextett? Those things are pretty sweet ngl in their own way

I know Zeos said they are like the most hungry for power, hardest to drive headphones ever

I would say thats more the he6 or stuff like the raal or k1000, the sextett aren’t that hard to drive, but they are difficult

Strictly speaking the raal is too easy to drive…
It’s base impedance is only 0.2 Ohms, so they supply a box full of resistors, so your Amp doesn’t just throw up it’s arms in desperation. Which in turn means you then need a really big Amp so you can convert all that energy into heat.

Looks like the Jotenheim R is actually going to happen ~$800, and it can directly drive the 0.2 ohm load. Apparently the only thing it has in common with the standard Jot is the box.

Well yes, but because it’s so easy in technical terms but amp’s aren’t designed for it it’s hard to drive lol

Dang, the old HD280 Pros had -32dB isolation. That’s was already shooting range level of attenuation lol.