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  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp needed: Yes
  • Open Back

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Has anyone seen these yet? I only knew about them because of DMS’s tweet.



I haven’t seen these yet but I’m extremely interested in these. Something to watch for sure.


Stumbled upon the listing on Mediamarkt.de a while ago.
From that listing:

  • 3m straight cable
  • 120 Ohm
  • 110dB sensitivity
  • 6Hz to 38kHz

All I gotta say is. Give me actually large soundstage with that amazing Sennheiser house sound and good imaging… and I am sold. I need a solid replacement for my 58x jubilee

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how are these different from the original HD560 and HD560 II’s?

If these have the soundstage of the 598s and the imaging of the 660s I’m hella down to get this.


I forgot those even exist. I dont think they will be related to those at all so I guess Sennheiser themselves forgot too.

That article is under embargo until the 24th of September. I guess DMS must’ve discovered a bug in their website which showed it earlier.

I ain’t snitching if you ain’t :shushing_face:

I didn’t see a thing. I know nothing.

Cat’s out of the bag. The same day than the RTX 3090, my YT feed is completely bloated! :rofl:

Joshua First Impressions:

DMS Review:


welp, lost me on it. Flat and neutral is nice but still having that smaller staging doesn’t interest me. I will stay with my 58x Jubilee.

DMS did say they’re wider than all the senns not including the 800. That in itself is pretty impressive tbh. The bass and treble extension is pretty interesting to me as well. Definitely not what I was expecting hear.

Thought it’d be a hard pass for me but maybe not now :thinking:


He also says that it’s wider than the DT 880s. Though he didn’t mention imaging at all sadly.

He mentioned imaging being ‘on par with hd598’ and ‘ballpark with 660s’

did he mention that? I must have missed that remark. Wouldn’t that mean it’s larger than the 58x then? Pretty sure 880 had a bigger stage than the jubilee

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Yes he did and yes it would :slight_smile:

That changes a bit for me then. I might have to check them out for myself. It’s only a little more expensive than the jubilee.


Pre orders are on the Sennheiser site. I haven’t heard the 58x in quite awhile but I did order this headphone so might be able to shed some light eventually.