🔶 Sennheiser HD58x Jubilee

I just ordered some damplifier pro dampening foam for my 6xx that I’ll also apply to the 58x and I’ll report back on how it goes.

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I got my headphone used from my brother and always assume my pads were pretty new…i was wrong. I’m trying some replacement dekoni earpads and I found the treble that was always missing in my hd 58x lol…the difference in treble of a used pad and a new pad is HUGE

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welcome to the world of pad rolling.

I’ve had a good amount of listening time with the 58X, 6XX, and HD600 since buying all 3 last year. This is going to sound super obvious to many, but the 58x is clearly not in the same league as the 6xx and hd600 mod or no mod.

The main issue of the 58x is a scratchy treble that just does not sit well with me. In fact I’d be happier to run with a pair of KSC75 due to the less fatiguing tonal balance vs the 58x. I would sell my hd58x, but the pads it came with are a good replacement for when I need to replace what came on the my other senn’s lol.

I currently have a pair of 58x on my desk with a pair of KZ x Crinnacle IEM’s (paid $38 CAD for those), and no doubt I would rather reach for the KZ’s over the 58x any day.

With that said, I’m sure many would be happy with the 58x’s performance for the price, but they lack the what make the hd6xx a compelling option like their scalability and unfatigueing sound, and at the same time add no real pluses except price, but they get beaten there too with all the wonderful chi-fi/koss options these days.

I didn’t enjoy them all that much until I did the tea bag mod and now I use them a fair amount. Very light and comfortable, but probably not much of use for critical listening.

That is interesting how everyone hears them differently. I own both and found the Crin KZ set to have some sibilance, and always found them hard to listen to for any length of time. It is the worst sounding IEM I own, and I have two other KZ sets, plus another 8 or 9 IEMs.

Interesting that you claim the KSC75 is less fatiguing, since I found that to be the brightest of the big three KOSS sets, and always preferred the KPH30i, which is the warm one.

I spent time listening to both the HD600 and the 58x. I went with the 58x, but I liked the faster attack and decay, and the slightly recessed mids worked better for the things I was listening to. I get the appeal of the HD600, but I always feel like I am missing bass and sub-bass that I want. It could be purely a function of the genres and types of music I enjoy, and I can see that going either way.

The HD58x is a great bargain, and I rank it behind the HE400se for best value in over the ear. The biggest knock on the HE400se is the weight.

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