🔶 Sennheiser HD58x Jubilee

This is the official thread for the Sennheiser HD58x. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Over Ear
  • No Amp needed
  • Open Back

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This video single handedly convinced me to purchase the 58X a few months ago.

And there is also this:

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I bought them about 3 weeks ago and I finally got around to removing the foam. All I can say is WOW. I always thought they were good, but I did not know they would be that good. Last week, I bought a balanced cable for them and I thought that was a big improvement also. The point I am making with this post is be sure if you have them be sure to remove the foam at the back and buy a balanced cable for them if you have a balance amp. If you do, it will make a big different.


I may get shit for this but removing the foam doesn’t impact the sound. I did however add foam on the drivers and it’s made a big difference for me. They’re my main cans for long listening sessions at the moment. You can read about what I did over here:http://www.mediafire.com/file/8dr7hp34vq11aag/HD58X+evaluation.pdf

Stock and without grille+foam:

Source: https://diyaudioheaven.wordpress.com/headphones/measurements/brands-s-se/hd58x-jubilee-massdrop/

These are simply a great set of cans that can be modded to be bass monsters or very analytical(almost like dt1990s without the staging). After more time I prefer the 6xx over it due to other cans that sound too similar to it higher up the ladder, but don’t let that deter you from jumping into Sennheiser land.

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Well that’s interesting. I would have assumed it’d at least make a small difference.

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I could have sworn it made a difference. Maybe it was psychological. Then again, why would they put the foam in if it makes no difference?


Wondering the same thing. Seems to be an odd addition for the foam to do nothing.

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The foam is just a dust cover. It prevents from dust entering the driver.

When I first tried it, I thought it made a difference as well. But after spending time with it on and off, I couldn’t hear any change. Then I saw the measurements backed up what I was hearing. It’s possible it gives more “space” since air is going through it but it might be placebo.


Good to know I always wondered how it would sound but never got around to doing it.

Shuld i buy the hd58x or hd6xx?
The FX Audio DAC-X6 will be enough for the hd6xx or the hd58x??

58x are pretty easy to drive without an amp. I still prefer an amp. 6xx is 300 ohm with a 103 dB/mW sensitivity. The DAC-X6 can power 180 mW at 300 ohm. To reach 120 db you would need a minimum of 50.18 mW. So it should be more than enough.

I have the 58x and love them. I am curious to try 6xx/650’s. I don’t think you can go wrong with either choice.


I have the HD58x and i’m pretty happy with them. If i’m using my laptop (an old macbook pro) i prefer the HD58x over my Hifiman HE-4xx that i have, as i feel it just plays better with low amplification. On my schiit stack (modi2, magni3) i feel the Hifiman HE-4xx has a little bit cleaner/precise bass and treble, but the HD58x sounds pretty good.

Also, i prefer the ergonomics of the HD58x (lighter, sits firmer on my head and for me the shape of the pads are marginally better compared to the HE-4xx).

For the massdrop price point, i think the HD58x are a very good buy, and i recommended it to a friend who is very happy with them, although he went from a more typical gaming headset to this so the bar might not have been set too high :stuck_out_tongue:

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I went from M40’s to 9500’s to X2’s to theeeese. Every little sound is more interesting to me on these than on any of my prior sets. Sometimes I still pick up the X2’s when I’m in the mood for a bass blast, but I usually end up switching to the 58X because I miss having all that detail all across the frequency spectrum. That has been my experience powering these sets from my phone.

I think my head is average sized, and I never felt the “clamp of death” I keep reading about. I think the clamp is just perfect. I love how secure on my head these are. M40’s and 9500’s start sliding off my head when I bend over. X2’s are more secure, but they’re heavy so when I bend over or upside down I can feel them pulling at my ears. The 58X’s are right in the sweet spot of comfortable and secure. I can bend my head over or all the way upside down and these headphones don’t notice. Send them to space?


Buying them next week. I miss open-back headphones.

No, my Grados SR60s don’t count…

Already bought them, lol. Finally. :smiley:
Can’t wait to hear them.

Also managed to get my friend to get one with that video Z, now his 712 got less love, I got to have him come to bring the 58X and 712 to compare to my 1000x so we can have a 3 way shootout!

are the 58x Jubilee the same as the Massdrop HD58x?

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Yes. The names are used interchangeably. Originally they were based on the HD 580 Jubilee. However, most people feel they have been tuned to sound like the HD 660S.

From The Drop (Massdrop) site:
“In 1991, Axel Grell joined Sennheiser and designed the HD 580 Precision: the headphone that would launch a much-loved series—and the peak of the company’s audiophile headphones for more than 25 years. Four years later, to mark its 50th anniversary, Sennheiser released the HD 580 Jubilee, which would later become the HD 600 and lead to the HD 650. In the spirit of the HD 580, with current technology and optimizations learned throughout the series’ rich history, we’re excited to release the newest evolution: the Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee. Tuned by Axel Grell and Massdrop based on feedback from the audiophile community, it features new 150-ohm drivers and a colorway inspired by the HD 580 Precision that started it all.”


thanks Yannick, just placed my order for those and the Koss 75’s. :smiley:

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