Sennheiser HD58x = Sennheiser HD660?

Just saw the Zeos video where he compares the Sennheiser HD58x and the Sennheiser HD660 and he says they sound almost exactly the same. He says they should be selling the HD660 for 150$ like the HD58x. I just ordered the HD58x, Is this true?

No they are different cheaper just tuned very close to the 660. They do perform similarly they just lack detail compared to the 660.

I do aggree the 660 is a little overpriced same with the 650 and 600

I think the 600 and 650 are appropriately priced, but the 660 is a bit much tbh

No, the 660s is an upgrade in sound from the 58x in technicalities, they just have a somewhat similar tuning

Then i dont understand what he was going on about

Neither do I lol. I agree that the 58x is a much better value proposition, but the 660 is in a tier above, it just isn’t the best value

How much would you say they’re worth?

I would pay about like 300 max, and even then idk. I personally picked mine up for 250 usd. You can find them for that price used though

What’s the difference in sound? Which has better bass extension? Detail & imaging?

The 660s has better detail and imaging, but I think they have pretty comparable extension, but the 660 may be more impactful with the right amp. The 58x are also less amp picky from my experience, but they are both still pretty driven by most no problem


Ah, so a 660 on sale for near the 58x price might be worth it.

For sure, that would be pretty sweet

The drivers are a upgraded version of the 559 drivers.

I would also say so and would personally jump on it. Not only do they sound better they look and have slightly better build

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Yeah they feel the same but don’t pick up as much fingerprints

Would you say the 660 is better than the 600 or 6XX?

In some ways yes, in others no. The 660 is not a direct upgrade from the 600 or 650. On solid state, the 660 is wider, has better imaging, has better bass and treble extension, but the 600 and 650 sound more refined and also have better detail in the midrange and a great timbre. Personally if I was stuck to using a solid state amp I would pick the 660s. On a tube I think the 600 and 650 just really come alive, and get much wider, have more low end and also are smoother, and are just super pleasurable and I would pick them over the 660s on a tube amp

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Does the 660 also have the sennhieser veil?

Not as much, they have decently better bass and treble extension so it works better for modern music tbh. I don’t really find the quantity of the subbass or upper treble to be as lacking as the 600 or 650