Sennheiser's new IE 300

A single and affordable single DD’s getting a whole lotta love?..

Wonder what other reviewers will make of them?


A german review.

I really like the graph, like they have a u shape, which is fine by me. If the bass is overpowering then we can easily lower it compared to fixing mids or treble. It is on the want list to say the least :smiley:

Slightly less gain/shout and more air. The only treble I worry about is the lack of 10kish to finish cymbals etc.

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Anyway looks a lot better than the momentum. With the Momentum, i had problems with it in the past, because of the sibilant sounds.

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These are now up for sale on the official (german) website. Curious to learn how they compare with chifi iems in the same price bracket (e.g FD5) :thinking:

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Have anyone bought a Set?

Precog has heard it:

Seems like a miss.

Got another review of these on YouTube.
The reviewer seems to like them, but had to change the tips, the standard tips seem to be filled with foam.
It’s in German.

Here is the link to the written test report.


Looking at the graph they seem to have been tuned very much to appeal to mainstream consumers, not that there is anything wrong with that. How they compare to Chinese brands probably comes down to preference, but I think they look a bit pricey and a bit low rent next to some of the Chinese IEMs easy enough to buy in Europe such as Fiio and Shanling.

I’ll try to keep it brief… received mine early this week and have been “playing” with them since.

starting with E30/L30 stack definitely pretty V-shaped and even sibilant to my ears but the more tracks I listened to the more it seemed largely track and volume related. Some tracks became a bit too bright if volume was set too high. music with more dynamics however like hi-res classical via foobar kept asking for more and more volume so much so I found myself into medium gain.

kinda reminds me of 560s is that regard. some songs were simply amazing and others felt thin in mid-range and higher volumes made that worse.
that said lower to normal volume levels sounded just fine. much less V-shaped but still so.

Also had mixed results with included tips. large foam sealed best but became uncomfortable after hours (I frequently sleep with IEM’s) Medium silicon was the closest compromise and yes I took out the wadding.
I landed on some large spin fits for galaxy buds + since its a similar nozzle.

so first impressions were a bit too V-shaped but that changed when i listened to more music and at a more reasonable volume. i think the crazy bass extension kept making me want to crank it up to see what they could do…

the detail is definitely there, i sometimes listen to rain sounds at a lower volume to go to sleep and last night i kept hearing birds that i NEVER heard with my SE215’s (only other IEM small enough to side-sleep so far) it was both impressive and frustrating since it meant i needed a different video now…

Last observation is that with less power (my Samsung s20+ or tablet) the V-shape is also much less pronounced even at higher volumes. so my use case being mostly mobile or lower volumes at night seem to compliment its sound signature.

curious what others think but I’m still forming my opinion. they seem to be growing on me.

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I returned mine after a couple of days (Amazon). I found them offensive somewhere around 4K-8K with too elevated mid bass and drowning effect in the sub bass. I prefer V shape but sub bass focused overall.

On the positive side, decent definition and stage. Good tonality as usual with most Sen. They are very lightweight, you forget them quickly although with the fit i had to use other tips than those provided (some CX5 that always work for me)

Fun fact, if you use a box knife and a file to grind off the plastic cups, these will take 3rd party cables.


Ordered a set, got it coming in tomorrow. Wanted something with a lot of bass since what I usual prefer/own are neutral/harman tuned IEMs.

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I got the IE300 and spent some time with it. tl;dr: It‘s a great IEM but sadly not for my taste.

  • The Bass on these is incredible, both in Quality and Quantity. Impactful when needed, quite fast with good decay and most importantly, not bleeding much into the Midrange, if at all. I physically felt the Bass in my head on some tracks, and it was lots of fun when it did. Definitely the Highlight of this Set.

  • The Midrange is a mixed Bag. While Male Vocals sound quite full and natural although a bit too far back for my taste, female vocals are simply too recessed and in the Background for my taste.

  • The Treble is much like the higher midrange, too recessed for my taste and missing any kind of sparkle or energy here. This is a strength as well however; it makes for a very smooth and non-fatiguing sounding IEM.

  • Technicalities are good to great, especially for a single DD. Everything sounds very coherent with decent staging. The Stage is wide and deep but not high in my Impression. Details can be picked out quite easily, while separation is at least above average.

  • Build Quality is good. These are very light and incredibly comfortable. I‘m talking 24/7 Levels of keeping them in your ear. I was able to lie down with them no problem and hardly noticed they were in my ears.

All in all the IE300 are a great option for anyone wanting a Dark sounding IEM with great Bass that‘s incredibly comfortable as well. The tuning is just sadly not to my liking at all and I have returned them with a heavy heart :confused:


Thanks for that. I agree in part but I’m coming from mainly BA sets.

To me the bass is a tad slow and untextured but it does dig deep without imparting on the mids.

The mids are recessed a touch as well, especially coming from midcentric sets. However, I wouldn’t say it’s an issue or draws attention. You can learn to enjoy this tuning though.

The trebles to me do have a bit of sparkle, excitement and extension but again coming from Shure’s that doesn’t say a hell of a lot :joy:

The soundstage I agree with yoy. Definitely good width and depth but less height, they actually pull you down if that makes sense.

I’m keeping mine at the moment as I’m trying to edge toward single driver sets. I’m very intrigued by the IE900 but manufacturing seems to have halted until they shift over to Ireland… And they’re serious money for 1DD!


Everyone buys them with great enthusiasm and then returns them. Unfortunately, Sennheiser has not done anything meaningful in IEMs in recent years.

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I must add that I’ve been listening to these more and more over the recent weeks. I’m unsure about the overall timbre of my Aonic 5’s.

I find the IE300’s bass to be absolutely fine if you just relax into the music, you then feel the presence of it more than hear it, if that makes sense. At first it can overwhelm a touch but just relax into it and it works well.

They are fun to listen to, and I’m now starting to enjoy them more than the Aonic 5’s. It’s a tuning you have to adjust to but once you do they’re actually quite decent. They make me want to put IEM’s in now, which is the ultimate sign to me of a good IEM.

I may, although I struggled with the fit, buy the Aonic 3 just for when I want to pull out details in the mids/trebles… But ultimately the IE300’s are an enjoyable fun and cosy little IEM that make me want to wear them.

P.s. feed them good clean power than they start to shine. I’ll buy the balanced cable and see how they scale as well.

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Yeah they’re not for everyone/all tracks, and certainly not neutral. Honestly I think they’re the perfect workout/outdoor IEM. They’re insanely comfortable and easy to keep in, and the bass elevation works well for background noise.