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  • Type: In Ear
  • Amp needed: NO but better with

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Z Reviews…

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Definitely didn’t expect this to be coming. I had the IE300 and if the IE900 has a similar tuning, I can’t say the IE900 would be for me. I will say IE300 is the most comfortable IEM I have ever worn, even more comfortable than custom imo.


I really need to get this off my chest… Doesnt it seem like Sennheiser was just just lazy and didn’t properly sand the damn body to make it smooth?? Lol jking but makes you wonder “what if we say its a fashion statement, yea that sounds good…” :rofl:


interesting how Sennheiser always sends stuff to Joshua Valour and Zeos but not someone like Resolve Reviews who is a very competent reviewer. Zeos’ videos are fun to watch, and Josh makes nice B-rolls. My guess is Sennheiser is trying to market their products to non-audiophiles


It’s kinda smart IMO. Audiophile ppl are hard to please, while the mass consumer are easy to believe and jump on to the hype.


It appears they sent it to the Headphone show, which my understanding is where Resolve Reviews does most of his reviews now. However, Chrono is reviewing them. Looks like Resolve Reviews replied to a comment, endorsing Chrono. Looking forward to his review. https://youtu.be/vGPex0B4seM


If the aim would be to remove/delete/diffuse possible sound reverb/reflections inside the “iem chamber”?
That would be smartest and newest thing ever in IEM world.
“It” should be hard as a rock!

LOL I understand the idea of standing waves and thats with the shape etc. of the internal chamber. If external properties help with standing waves too then its all good. :smiley: I just like poking the bear sometimes.

Will there be a Sennheiser HD900? One can only hope

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Mode-Changer! Sennheiser IE 900 IEM

I thought I’d share some impressions/observations of the ever-popular IE 900. Although I’m more into full-sized headphones, IEMs are what I started with back in the day, from favorites such as the Vsonic GR-07 and Klipsch Image X10. My frequent mains today are the Sony IER-M9 and BLON BL-03. I also have a Moondrop Starfield but it’s mostly there for aesthetics. lol

Observations :mag_right:

  • packaging is real real ghetto :wastebasket:
  • pretty comfortable and low-profile
  • lack of silicone eartip sizes (needs MS/ML)
  • cable is functional but kind of stiff and rubbery (microphonics are definitely a thing)

Modes & Filters

Before I share my thoughts on the sound, let’s talk about modes! Yes, the IE 900 has different modes (well, two) hence the title above. Inside the stock eartips are two notches, or grooves, that adjust the length by which the IE 900 is inserted inside the👂.

In addition, it also has 2 types of foam filters you can manipulate (at least with my unit) and it’s very interesting that the sound signature can be shifted noticeably based on which mode and filters are used. So, it’s very versatile in this regard and can be tuned based on individual preferences. I’ve spent hours switching filters back and forth in addition to finding the perfect combo of mode and filter.

For everyone’s convenience, let’s name these two filters to avoid confusion:

Filter 1 [1st/3rd starting from the left] - This is the foam filter found inside all 3 stock SILICONE tips.
Filter 2 [2nd/4th starting from the left] - This is the foam filter found inside all 3 stock FOAM tips.

***Note: Filter 2 is more dense and compact. Sound changes are as follows:

Filter 1 generally tames the upper registers and makes things a little more intimate, along with adding slightly more bass…less impact on sound overall

Filter 2 does the same thing but x2 (except treble)…so more bass and intimacy at the cost of soundstage and airiness…generally warmer, thicker, and relaxed…bigger impact on sound overall

***Note: These changes are dependent on the nozzle diameter of the eartip (mainly with bass). So, the narrower it is the more impact it has on the sound, is what I found.

***Note: There is also a built-in waveguide in the eartips that cannot be removed. I do not know how it actually affects the sound but based on what I hear switching to 3rd party tips, it might have something to do with the staging. Although I haven’t tried every 3rd party tip, I do think you get the most out of the IE 900 using the included stock tips, unfortunately.

***Note: Yes, you may use these foam filters to tune other IEMs.

***TIP: Use the included tool to put or take out each filter in the eartips…

MODE 1! (stock form)

I use different size tips with the left ear opening being larger than my right. The L tip was too big and the M tip was too small for my left ear; I needed something in between, perhaps a ML. It is unfortunate that Sennheiser didn’t include more tip sizes to accommodate for a wider range of people. As a result, I did not get a proper seal because in this mode insertion depth is very shallow. So, I’ll skip this one…

MODE 2! (alternative form)

As you can see from the picture above, the eartip falls on the 1st notch/groove making insertion depth longer. In this alternative mode, I was able to get a perfect seal after some fiddling.

As for sound impressions, I’ll keep this one short. IT IS INTENSE! To be more precise, the treble is intense, so much so that I don’t think I’ll be able to comfortably listen to these for hours. Everything else, however, was pretty balanced. I’ll share more details when I get down to my preferred combo…

Perfect combos! (my preferences)

After spending hours evaluating and finding MY perfect combo with all the different filters and eartips I had at my disposal, I ended up with two!

#1 combo :100::drum:

In this combo I used ‘Mode 2’ and two ‘Filter 1’ filters on each eartip (yes, I shoved 2 in there). Recall that I said ‘Mode 2’ was INTENSE sounding. The balance was already there so to mitigate the intensity, I had the idea of putting in an additional filter and ended up choosing two ‘Filter 1’ filters.

The result of this was great balance throughout with just a hint of intensity, making it sound exciting and engaging overall. Treble is very lively with no harshness or sibilance unless the track calls for it. Keep in mind that it is still a bit forward, so for those wanting a more relaxed presentation I suggest trying out some Spinfit eatips with one ‘Filter 2’ filter on each. The only remark I have for the treble is that it can come across as strong at times, so with poor recordings the sibilance is associated with a hint of undesired intensity. That being said, it didn’t bother me overall.

Mids are neutral overall with a good amount of body and presence. In the track ‘DEKIGOKORO’ by Kana Shibue the baritone sax (I think) has a good amount of authority and girth. For more intimacy, shoving in a ‘Filter 2’ filter should do the trick.

For imaging, I think it’s really good and well-defined; you can pick out and isolate each thing within the soundstage fairly easily. I used the tracks ‘Letter’ by Yosi Horikawa and ‘雨だれの歌 (instrumental)’ to showcase how good the imaging is; it didn’t disappoint. I will note that the IER-M9 might have a slight edge in the imaging department.

Moving on to soundstage the IE 900 is immensely wide, so much so that it’s pretty damn convincing. You can’t help but look over to your peripheral left and right in surprise. That being said, I just want to remind you to temper your expectations because it is, after all, still an IEM and still projects it in your head (not right in front of you like some full-sized headphones can). Added to this is the sense of air that contributes to its immersive stage.

Detail is excellent and the IE 900 does a great job of extracting all the nuances in the recording, even more so than the IER-M9. In addition, the IE 900 has great tonal quality and accuracy. Playing any track from ‘THE FIRST TAKE’ series, evident is the naturalness and ease of vocals/instruments.

Now talking about BASS…it is frickin exceptional👌, and what I think makes the IE 900 stand out from the rest. Bass is incredibly deep, taut, meaty, and complete; high-class in every sense! Keep in mind that it is definitely north of neutral giving it that sense of fun and engagement; it is delicious! Relating to that is the sense of scale this IEM brings; it’s biiig. Playing the track ‘ODDTAXI’ by Skirt&Punpee the bass does extend really far down. In ‘Lose Yourself to Dance’ by Daft Punk the bass here is oh-so satisfying! If I had to nitpick, it’s that I wish it was just a touch faster for my preferences.

#2 combo…:drum:

In this second combo I used some Spinfit CP100 Plus eartips with only one ‘Filter 1’ filter in each. To keep this short, there are 3 main differences. First, soundstage isn’t as immersive and wide as the #1 combo. Second, bass is slightly boosted resulting in a hint of bloat (some may like the additional boost). Third, the overall presentation is more intimate, but not overly so. Overall, I still enjoyed this combo and would use it if the stock eartips were to somehow break or wear…

Who are these for? 🤷

If you are the type of person that prioritizes a strong, impactful bass that digs deep and doesn’t mind the extra emphasis this is for you. If you want something that is very nuanced, natural, and big in scale this is for you. If you like a wide, immersive presentation with a pinch of intensity and loads of engagement this is it. If all you want is a single DD in your IEM look no further!

Please keep in mind that the mids, treble, and stage can be tweaked depending on the tip, mode, and filter used. However, the IE 900’s bass, nuance, and tonal quality remain consistent throughout, so if you prioritize those characteristics strongly consider these…

Closing thoughts :notebook_with_decorative_cover:

If you’ve read this far, thanks for taking the time to do so! I hope it has been useful.

I was disappointed at the start, but all in all the IE 900 is the one I was looking for; albeit after a little tweaking and experimentation. My desire for a TOTL single DD flagship has been fulfilled!

Truthfully, I don’t favor IEMs over full-sized headphones when at home, but 3-digit temps :hot_face: across the board make using headphones, even closed-backs, unbearable. That being said, even after this heat subsides, the IE 900 earns a permanent place in my rotation of headphones, and for what it offers right now this is probably the most deserving compliment I can give it.

Happy listening :notes:


Very nice review. It was a pleasure to read it, even though I won’t drop 1.3k on an iem anytime soon. Just from the pictures I agree the packaging is average at best. With other iems you feel like you get what you pay for

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I finally found a dealer with these in stock (no longer - I think I got the last one :partying_face:).

Getting them overnighted. Looks like a fun Friday night and weekend! I really want to hear a high end DD.


Try pairing them up with solid tube gear…I was genuinely surprised by how much they scaled.

So, I’m looking for advice.

I received these today. And, I’m a big Senn fanboy. I owned Senn headphones (hd5, hd6 and hd8) for over 20 years.

But these just don’t fit. They are too shallow for my ears.

Am I doing something wrong?

I should say that I’m a fairly big fella (6’-6", size 15 shoes, and… well… you know… :+1:)

Tried rolling multiple tips (Spins, Spirals, Finals, Senda, Comply, off-brands) but nothing allows the ie900 to seat. They just slip out.

Anyone else have this problem? Or a solution?

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the ie900 has 2 insertion depths. the stock tips have two notches that allow for a deeper fit…i use spinfits because even though they don’t have the notch it will still work. so try the stock or spinfits and insert them only halfway.

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