Share live streamings here

(No, that’s not like the “your favorite live recordings” thread).

Because it might be fun to listen to music together, or sometimes it’s just better to watch it “live”. Might seem kinda stupid to make a thread full of live sets when, well, in one hour it ends and it’s not live anymore, but… that’s like the “sales” thread? Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

For this one, grab your cybergoth-now-covid19-facemasks and enjoy. :stuck_out_tongue:
(Acid Techno, Techno, Dark Techno, Industrial).
Video might not work, here’s the link.

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Also yeah, we’re (mostly?) all “quarantined”, and there’s a lot of these coming. So, share announcements here too. :slight_smile:

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Metallica Mondays:

Tho the concert is not live, the stream is “live”. Starting in ~50 minutes.

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Also, Beatport, in the last two days, released hours and hours and hours of DJ mixes on YouTube. There’s two live streams right now too.

FOUR stages all live right now.

Join us Friday, March 12th at 6 pm PST for an MR Hifi Hangout with Denver Miller , the creator of Broken Record Collection. Denver is an Electronic Music DJ with over 15 years of spinning records and has a background in Design, Music Production, and a huge passion for music and art. Get a first look at The Broken Record Collection and the man behind the art. Hope to see you guys all in the chat!

MUCH Love,


Hellfest from home is starting in a few hours. If you’re “there” at the time mentioned, you’re there 6 hours late, for GMT -5 (I think – New York, Montreal, etc. time zone), because it’s the France timezone. :grin:

Anyway, three days of live metal events – just click the link and enjoy!

Is it like free livestream or is it behind a paywall?
The site shows no info…

Lol it worked on my phone and was like an 8-bit game with your avatar walking to the stands. :grin:

But all the Hellfest videos (not live?) are here:

And all the (apparently) LIVE ones here, even the ones I missed today because I fell asleep. :grimacing:

I tried changing it but 15 char limit lol. Was that the issue? Or is the post too old?