Share snapshots of your present ENDGAME =D

My daily setup music, movie, & gaming.


It would be nice if you write all stuff you have, tnx.
Nice setup :+1:


Martin Logan Motion 4i
Behind the monitor is a Cambridge audio minx x201
Schiit lyr
Schiit modi
Schiit magni
Schiit sys


Balanced AM3A for the amp module.
Riyo i think was the brand of the memfoam tip, the other IEM is Moondrop Kanas Pro


Gaming PC>soekris 1541>blue Jean cables>bryston bha-1>norne draug 3>Hd800S


Working on the endgame money :grimacing: but enjoying this very much :smiley:

Tidal Masters, Nano iDSD Black Label as a DAC line out to, Little Dot MK2 and hd660’s…sorry had to do an old school valve image thing lol.


Should I share the transaction page from Massdrop with the THX AAA 789 and the Topping D70 I have on order? :laughing::smile:

I’ll snap a pic this fall when it arrives!!


Here’s my setup in my nightstand. Closed back so as not to annoy my wife (too much).


Vibro Labs Zebrawood T50RP mod with custom connectors with Brainwavez gaming gel pads through a Monoprice Monolith THX Desktop. Mk2 Argons are waiting to be modded by Ryan. One day I’ll pick up a pair of Ether CX for what I imagine will be my personal endgame.


EDIT: Topping DX3 Pro, Topping PA3, Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro, Micca MB42X


Very nice, everyone!

Here’s my desk setup. Atom with a Tone Board and Focal Elexes.

Am I saying that right? Just Focal Elex? Elexi? Focals Elex (like Attorneys General)? Hmmmm…


College has cameras for us to use so I figured I would snap a few pics of my gear while I’ve got one. Not used to a nice camera yet. Currently loving my ZMF Ori and Cavalli Liquid Carbon V1


So. This has happened. After few years.
And its an old photo since have not taken a newest one yet. Small black ones have been changed to white JBL’s.

Marantz preamp with Atmos, Auro and DTSx
The Main Set: running 5.2.4 setup
Front: Genelec 1237A
Center: Genelec 8351A
Floor Surround: Genelec 8351A
Ceiling Surround: Genelec 8320A
FunWoofers: Genelec 7270A x 2
Cables: Digital AES/EBU 110ohm - Atlas & Cordial

TV Gear:
JBL 305P, Limited Edition.
Pro-Ject MayA
Cables: Atlas + Monster

It has been a “on going change” for last 10 years… but close to Present but not the Final Endgame. If there is any end?


This is where i mostly listen to music at home :

For the headphones i use a Schiit stack (Magni3, Modi2) to drive the HD58x and Hifiman HE-4XX (and my phillips fidelio x2).

As for the speaker setup, they are a pair of Bowers&Wilkins 685s2 driven by an Argon DA2 dac/amp. I would prefer to use the Modi dac, but my amp has a fault with the analogue line in, as it makes an ever present “hissing” sound when line-in is selected (and is out of warranty), so i have to use its built in dac. Its an ok dac, but it lacks support for 24bit resolution i.e.

There is also a Cambridge Audio Minx x201 sub (6,5" driver with 2 passive 6,5" radiators under the desk to help with the bass. Its not the best placement for it, but its where it fits without being in the way all the time :slight_smile: At low volumes it disappears a bit - but on higher volumes it gets a bit boomy due to the placement. Still pretty impressed by the tiny sub though, and with better placement it sounds quite a bit larger than it is…


For probably 90% of my music listening I prefer my HE-500s to the Z1R, but with music that really plays to the Z1R’s strengths there’s nothing else like them.

I had to buy the TA-ZH1ES because I’m a Sony shill, and it didn’t feel right not owning it. It’s delightful though, particularly through balanced. I’m considering selling off my other amps, but if I did that I’d just be freeing up cash for other stupid purchases.


This is my current setup I use for gaming and occasional music listening. I know the Sound Blaster X7 gets meme on hard by the audiophile community but it was meant to be use with gaming and not music listening. The software it comes with makes it for me the go to gaming AMP/DAC combo until my new gear comes in then I’ll used it for console gaming when or if I ever stop pc gaming.

I have my SU-8 I just got from a order now I’m waiting for my THX AAA 789 to come in

I also have a few more items pre ordered or on the way like the AIRIST AUDIO R-2R DAC to go with the 789 and a few IEM’s. I want to get a good tube AMP and was looking at the EDDIE CURRENT ZDT JR. from



Sennheiser HD58Xs
Denon AVR-1312
Not shown: Fluance SX6 speakers.

AVR used as my computer DAC. No hiss. May have high distortion, I don’t even know. Sounds great and is convenient because everything is plugged into it. (Computer + ps3 to headphones + speakers). Can do 24bit/192khz. 100$ on eBay…!


hey what dac/amp combo is that? there seems to be a billion Topping products out there… how does it sound also?

On top is a Topping DX3 Pro. On bottom is a Topping PA3. They sound good.


Thats my current setup. Mostly using my beloved ZMF Aeolus on my Eddie Current ZDT Jr.