Share your desk setup

any setup, ask for tips, give tips, discuss and share your inspiration

feel free to share any photos you may have, it’s always fun to see what peoples projects look like

@ShaneD how has your setup developed? still using schiit?

In my main system, the BF2 is still my DAC of choice. I have pulled one amp out of the system and have it out for sale (Little Dot MKIII). Current system is:

I don’t see this system changing much unless I remove one more amp. And then I would pull the splitters/switchers out of the system. This weekend I am running my Elex’s through all three amps and looking for differences.


I should probably get a good picture of “behind my monitor”

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My endgame.

Computer → Schiit Eitr → Schiit Modi Multibit → Rebel Amp → Sennheiser 660S

Bonus mechanical numpad in the pic

Oh I also have a eight inch 4 way splitter you can see behind the headphones so I can quickly switch between headphones and the preamp outs are connected to inexpensive Edifier speakers on the bookshelves above.


nice upgrades, what sees most use and why? also, do you use that loki EQ for any headphones? the Peace eq made me consider keeping the 8xx, its a COMPLETELY different headphone with the Crinnacle eq preset, like, it’s insane, ill never listen to the 8xx stock again, did i not use eq i would sell them in a heartbeat

sold my violectric v280 a while back and bought a soloist x3, plays amazingly on my Clears, the bass instantly got better

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This photo is terrible but…

Spring 2, Sagra, MZ2, Little Bear balanced switch, LAu, Ab1266 Phi Tc with JPS labs super conducting cable.

I call it “working long hours from home and making it suck less” setup.


that pleximod looks amazingg

That’s not a mod, that’s a stock Linear Audio MZ2 that runs out to some crappy speakers (Zu Audio Dirty Weekends coming soon!)

Headphones mostly but I can flip a switch and get speakers/tubes. I plug in something like the LCD-24 or Eikons and voila. Sultry drity tube listening. Not seen in the picture is a GS-X Mini that goes on top of the LAu when it’s off. Either amp gets REALLY hot.

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The king of the show is the Pro iCAN. The power is Awesome for the HE6se V2’s and T60 Argons.
It also does amazing things with the Monoprice M1570’s. Full bass boost and 3D sound is almost like listening to speakers.

I like the LP for the Elex’s and HD660’s.

The Vio V220 is great for the Grado GH2’s, the CFA Cascades and the T5’s (3rd gen).

And I am currently running all the 'phones through all the amps.

The wiring is Laptop to BF2 with USB cable.

  1. From the DAC is XLR to an XLR switcher and then XLR to each amp.

  2. Also, the DAC runs RCA to the Schiit Loki and then RCA to an RCA switcher and then RCA to each amplifier.

So every amp has the option of EQ via RCA if you’re in the mood. I found it came in handy when running the HE6se V2’s on the LP. It gave the amp some more gain and extra thump.


Computer>>Mini DSP 2x4HD>Marantz PM7200>RSL CG-25s and RSL Speedwoofer. The amp isn’t any kind of desktop device but it sits in the corner over by my printer and works great.

Computer>D90>A90>Adam T5Vs with T10S Subwoofer. Cans are my daily driver Sundaras and the Sivga SV021 Robins that arrived this week.

The laptop happened to be on the desk when I took the pic because I’m doing some work on it, everything’s being fed by my desktop which sits on an IKEA LACK end table next to the desk.


Obligatory song for this thread:

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If you wanna see my desk in full battlestation mode here goes…


Locked and Loaded!

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i appreciate your criticism, please feel free to share any you may have. and if you have any suggestions that would be nice too but not needed, i’m mostly looking for criticism.

personally, i feel like the desk itself is way too big, i know the deskmat placement is weird but it works out, something bigger would be ideal but the smooth surface is not OEM unfortunately so finding something similar that is bigger would be way more time than id be willing to spend looking for something else

-XLR Ares 2 dac running into a Soloist x3 which feeds my 8xx (crinacle EQ preset)
As you can see the chain is completely balanced so that i could run unbalanced :clown_face:

Sennheiser man


I think your setup looks modern, clean and tasteful. Very Nice!

Only because you asked, or else I would not have said anything. The wall outlet missing a plate cover, drew my attention. Also, (I am not one who should critique) the wires and whatever hanging from underneath the desk surface, if it is possible to reroute those or bundle in some fashion to blend better.

Honestly though, It looks very good as is :+1:

thank you!
it’s been on my thoughts and it’s definitely something ill get done eventually, the true story is always under the desk. im terrified of electricity so im not touching it, ive touched a socket before lol

as when is comes to those cables, one is of the supercharger which im currently comparing to the stock psu of the Soloist so i need to be able to quickly swap it out for now, i also need to reroute the mic cable into my Soloist which at that point ill be able to clean up

here is how it looks beneath

there is another brick on the floor behind the computer


Where are the speakers?

Only questions would be no little desk speakers and do you have your PC directly on the ground or some spacers so he can get a bit more airflow