Shipments received for Vokyl Erupt

Last time I made a topic thread, it was to announce that the erupt was shipping. Now I return somewhat more concerned as its been 1 and half months since then, and have yet to find a single piece of public feedback anywhere on the internet (trust me, I’ve looked). Is this normal for a kickstarter? Feedback for the verum 1’s was pretty swift, so I don’t understand how there is still no evidence that a single person as received their shipment (though they posted a new update to say they have received feedback on the cable, but from who we still don’t know). Lastly, if you get your unit, it was be greatly appreciated if you say so in the thread as you will be the first person I know to have done this.

I am backer #147 and still waiting. If I didn’t already have a dozen other headphones to play with, I’d be upset. Regardless of that, I’d be less likely to back a future project based on this experience, but just maybe the Erupt will blow my mind and all will be forgiven.

That’s the exact situation I’m in. Never understood why people buy multiple headphones (I listen to too much new music each week to get “board” by how a headphone sounds), but I’m starting to regret that stance with these delays and radio silence. Still though, I firmly believe they’re genuinely wanting the best experience for their backers (though it could help if they told use what orders have actually been sent out), so ultimately I just got to wait (much easier to just complain though).

I buy multiple headphones not because I get bored but because each headphone does something different better. For example I love my dt 990 for gaming and a lot of well produced music but it isn’t very forgiving for lo fi chill hop stuff so I have a 58x which is not only better for vocal focused tracks but is a very smooth very forgiving headphone.

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I would agree with this. It’s always nice to have an excellent headphone for different things like gaming, different genre of music, movies, different situations, etc. But then again some people just want a jack of all trades, master of none. It just depends on the person and their mindset and circumstances

I guess my biggest issue with that has always been that I’ve never found a $200 headphone (except maybe one like the erupts kickstarter were you can get it for a heavy discount) to be comparable in almost any aspect to a $800-$1000 headphone. So it doesn’t matter how different 5 $200 headphones use cases could be, non of them will have anywhere near technical capability of one $1000, so I’d always feel like I’m missing out. I suppose it comes down to how you value different tonality’s, which I do, I just instead do it through source components like rolling a tube amp or eq software. I guess I’ve always been a vertical shopper (always upgrading instead of side grading).

See the big brain play is to buy multiple $1000+ headphones

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I find the a lot of $1000 headphones to not impress me because they always strive for a ton of detail and clean and neutrality so “we can hear the music they way it’s meant to be played” while I find the mid fi range to be much more fun to explore sure they don’t retain as much detail I don’t really care all that much. as with $1000 plus headphones I often try out from various audiophile friends I forget to have fun and listen to the music and not look for detail because of the looming price tag they hold. but with the much cheaper alternatives I’m not worrying too much with the price tag and just listen. it’s a mental barrier with me growing up a poor asian immigrant in canada. and if their is one stereotype we are known for to be true is we are cheap.

the only $1000 headphone that I do like are stax though forgot which model to be exact it’s been a while since I heard it. and weirdly enough the focal clear.

The clear is a solid investment

Also agree. there’s something appealing to me about strange mid fi headphones that make them more enjoyable to own for me (guess it’s because I sort to see them as specialized tools, and that’s strangely alluring to me somehow). But I will say totl headphones are great

That’s an interesting perspective. Though there are a few hifi grade headphones that are hated by “that side” for the audio community because they still sacrifice clarity for tonality. Something like audeze’s or the meze empyrean are very “fun” sounding cans for me. But yes, I do agree that sadly many of the more popular, and especially summitfi headphones like the focal utopia, are dull sounding. It’s completely to do with the market they appeal to, which mostly consist of older guys that can actually afford this stuff. I would be kind of disappointed if the erupts sound like the hd800’s like so many proclaimed, because as much of a technical performer it is, I just can’t stand how dry it sounds without serious eq.

The hd800 has some issues with tonality and that lets them down imo and is why I would still prefer an hd600 to an 800

I’m personally not too worried about the Erupts. I’ve done a number of crowd-fundings in the past, and they’ve all come through in the end (so far). I think people need to remember that, as long as the creators keep updating and stay engaged with their backers, they are probably trying their hardest to deliver. The most recent update was regarding them replacing a part which had (to them) an unacceptable failure rate, which delayed shipments but will keep people from being disappointed or having to return their units immediately. Always keep in mind that, with any newly-developed product, ALL deadlines are just estimates at best. It can be disappointing when there are delays, but you need to know what you’re getting into. It isn’t an off-the-shelf product or a normal pre-order, so extra patience is a must.

I’m not concerned about the delays. I knew that there was no guarantee they would deliver by their estimated time schedule. No what I’m concerned about is the fact that its been over 40 days since they said they were supposedly started shipping, and yet not a single person has made the faintest of remarks about receiving theirs. Now, they’ve said that the first batch was just for family and friends, but over a month ago someone asked if there order was upcoming and they said “We’re approaching your order”, his being #30. So there should be sets in the hands of actual backers. Its either they still haven’t received there shipment (which should worry you), or they are just unwilling to post anything about it (which is a shitty attitude considering you are a part of an entirely new product cycle, but is far less concerning).

Well, unless you reach out to them and confirm if anyone other than “friends and family” has received them, or if the first of the next batch are under embargo/NDA, then everything is just hearsay. I’m sorry that there’s no way to assuage you at present, but I think that your best course of action is either to directly confirm/deconfim with Vokyl or just put it out of your head for now and stop worrying about something that’s out of your control anyway.

That’s exactly what I should do (its a lot easier to continue complaining though). The reason I made the post was to ask if this behavior was normal for a kickstarter, not so much as a cry for help (though it may look that way). I’ve always been an pessimist so right now I’m preparing for the worst (that I never receive it), which I should always accept as a reality for a crowed funded project. Though in my defense, a lot of people asked what order number they are were up to in the last update, and they have still yet to comment. So improving their communication could also be of help.

Heh, the problem might be with the question; there isn’t really a strict ‘normal’ for how Kickstarters/Indiegogos roll out when it comes to physical products. Sometimes everything just goes out to backers all at once, sonetimes it’s more of a phased delivery (i.e. in waves), and sometimes you just get nothing for your troubles. Another thing to NOT get hung up on is backer number, because a lot of times the backer number you get on KS/IGG isn’t the same as the order the campaigners see. In some cases, as with the Verum-1, they have to run products in ‘batches’ based on options or cosmetics, in which case the backer order goes out the window based again on production capabilities. Without specific updates or info directly from the campaign runners, everything is a mystery. I know that it’s easy to let your imagination run wild, but again (mostly for your own sanity), unless you talk or hear directly from Vokyl, I would cast aside any and all worries unless they just suddenly stop communicating with everyone for a significant period.

That’s a good point, 300 or so orders didn’t even come from indiegogo. Though, I already asked the question of how they were ordering the shipments, and they said by order number. But they might definitely see the order stack differently then ours.

specialized tools is such a great way to describe that I will start saying that from now on.

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