Shitty luck - looking for an IEM upgrade

So today I found myself taking an unexpected “dip” into a friend’s pool (involuntary, floorboard broke), which totaled my Blon 03 and my FIO BTR 3.

The good news about this whole disaster is that I have an excuse for an upgrade :slight_smile:

Pretty sure I’m going to buy a FIO BTR 05 (although i might hold out for a bit) and another set of Blon 03’s (it’s 40 bucks so why not).
But I also want to buy another set of IEMs that have the same “in-your-face” sound that the Blon has and I’d love to hear any recommendations you have (up to 150$)

Major bonus point if it’s a 0.78 because i ordered 0.78mm TWS FIO do-dad so I would love for both of them to fit it.

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take a look at the Final Audio E series.

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Any particular one you recommend ? there’s kinda of a big price gap between the different moddels :slight_smile:

if you want a good neutral IEM, the E2000…more bass, the E3000. the winner is the E4000 and the E5000 is considered subpar, especially for the price.

I have heard lots of great stuff about the URBANFUN YBF-ISS014.

However it’s MMCX.


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So basically cant go too wrong…
Good to know

Hm… interesting

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@Naturallymorbid Look at this review of the Urbanfun YBF-ISS014 supposedly sounds very similar to the BLON, yet with tighter more accurate bass, and has much better comfort and comes with a nice cable.

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Is there a general consensus on IEMs at certian price points the way there (sort of) is with headphones?

There are so many IEMs, it seems like there’s as many “best IEM under $X” as there are people you ask.

You normally have to have certain things you want from a headphone like bass or sound stage etc in order to get that sort of list both for headphones and IEMs - that why i normally go by personal recommendation and what im looking for.

Take the Tin T2, Great IEM, but i would take the Blons any time of the day, and they are pretty much at the same price point - why?
Well the Tin T2 are very calm but in most cases I prefer the very close sound and bass of blons that make you feel the music

I guess the sweet spot is 100 to 200 $€.

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In Drop for 55 USD. Shipping date may 5. I don’t think the 4 dollars savings are worth 2 months waiting…

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I would say there are some staples for certain brackets like t2 and blon under 50. oh10 in the 200 fh7 in 500. But I feel like iems have a lot of subjective variance not that headphones don’t as well but I think it’s a little more prominent in iems. Possibly due to variance in ear canals and also abundance of choice in all the price brackets. For example personally I don’t really care for the blons but I can see the appeal. Iems also seem to move a lot faster with new stuff pooping up constantly

I would give the Moondrop Starfield definetly a try!

Under 100:

  • Moondrop Starfield (exceptional)
  • TIN T4
  • Shozy Hibiki MKII

Under 200:

  • Moondrop KXXS
  • TIN P1
  • IKKO OH1/10
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