Short sweet forum organization feedback!

Hey guys,
I’ve noticed almost the entirety of the forum here is organized around component categories. Which is great for reviews! :+1: But system synergy, setup, room acoustics / treatments, etc. all matter too. And as of now there’s really no way to bring up those topics directly short of talking about it in reference to specific pieces of gear. It makes it so that beginners have no starting point short of jumping on hype trains which very well might lead to a poor setup using great parts lol.

So I feel adding more general discussion topics like (setup advice, general acoustic science discussion, system matching, room treatments, etc.) would be really helpful at arming people with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions in a world that is so sorely lacking in brick and mortar hifi shops that cater to the masses. Otherwise this website feels more like one big hype train generator for audio companies currently putting new products on the market. =)

Not trying to be snarky I’ve just been very frustrated by how much contradictory info is out there in this hobby and how everything basically turns into an objectivist/subjectivist argument with massive undertones in economic elitism, consumerism, and brand loyalty. The only antidote I can think of other than eating a ton of restocking fees would be adding other educational audio topics not related to specific types of gear.

Just a thought,


IMO, having general categories and tags for individual components would be the way to go.

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Nothing stopping you from starting the general discussion topics, the threads are community made

It is, partly due to the creators

Yeah there is a ton of contradictory info, but that’s a subjective hobby for you in the end

This is indeed irritating

Lost me there, that does play a role at times for some, but generally that doesn’t seem to be a big problem here at least, other places it is

The best way to figure out what you want and what works is still to try it yourself, but more general info threads would be nice, but I have a feeling it would just lead to the exact thing you want to avoid which is the objective/subjective arguments in full force in those topics

That would be nice


I’ma kill two birds w/one stone here Funding Your Audiophile Hobby (Discussion and Q&A)

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Did try and start something along the lines of that a year ago…

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