Show off your photography skills!

Thanks glad you like it!
I would love to see my pictures being used from the companies, in exchange for demo units :star_struck::grin:
Soon I’ll get my hands on Letshouer Cadenza, this is going to be a tough one to photograph with a flash, way too shiny :see_no_evil::camera_flash:

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My old friend :yellow_heart:


what camera? shutter speed? ISO setting?

Olympus E-M1 Mark II + Oly 100-400
F/10 1/250s ISO-250 @400mm

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oh…forgot to ask what the exposure time was and was this a still shot or is it on some sort of tracking mount?

It was just me leaning against the wall, I shot it handheld :slight_smile: shutterspeed is only 1/250second so no tracking or tripod needed

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fast shutter and high ISO can replace tracking requirements for really big and bright objects like the moon. :wink:

Your lighting is so well diffused, nicely done brother :call_me_hand:


it’s funny you say that as in the amateur astronomy community the ‘best’ moon filter is clouds!

I was more so talking about the shot of the Wu but I get you!

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LoL! well, the reply was to the same user so I assumed you were commenting on the moon, but hey, all good!

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No skills at all just a snap from my iPhone…getting a DJI drone for fun and to learn how to to edit/add music etc to video footage…wish me luck :crossed_fingers:


What heresy is this? Z1R on dirt??? :astonished:

wait until we have a report on the quality of soil. might be worth more than the IEM’s :wink:

Z1R was wrought out of soul, dirt, metal and :bouquet:

quick tip : If you want to learn the basics something like Adobe premiere rush is a good starting point.
But if you really want to dive into it davinci resolve is the way to go


Thanks buddy :+1: I Know this guy’s sponsored like most YT influencers but he’s pretty straight up…

It could be a fine piece of software however you gotta look at what professionals use, and at the end of the day its one of three:
davinci resolve / adobe premiere / Final cut (if you are a Mac user)
In some cases folks you davinci as well as final cut/premiere just because its color grading is the best out of the bunch - Da Vinici is also free :smiley: (the studio version is for film production companies )

Also consider one big thing, most tutorials you will find will be for one of those three, if you ever have an issue or you will probably be in a bind

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Total newbie in photography, but here’s some from cosplay events.


new light looking to go out exploring at night