Shozy Form1.1 iem

I have these coming from linsoul (so a few months to go lol) and I am very curious to see how they sound. I really like the guideray gri for the price but apparently the shozy is a step up while maintaining a similar tuning


It’s available on Drop right now for $60. Shipping on Feb 14 tho.

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I think I tried them the other day, for what they are I think it’s a pretty banging deal.

Then again I haven’t heard the blons everyone seems to like so much


I am personally not the biggest fans of the blons, they sound good but I don’t think they are really something incredible or anything. I personally would rather take a tin t2 or guideray gri, but I can understand why people like them so much

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@M0N have you received these yet? Have you shared impressions anywhere?

I honestly don’t even know if they will ever come lol

Looks like they are in stock on Amazon right now and supposedly would arrive within a week. Strongly considering these and the Starfields at the moment. Might pull the trigger today.

Mine arrive next Tuesday, will let you know if by then you haven’t decided…

I may just get them since the estimated delivery time is much shorter than the Starfield. If I like them then I will have saved about $35. If not I can just sell them off and try the Moondrops.

Ok, pulled the trigger. These should get here by the end of next week (the 6th). I’ll report back with some thoughts once I’ve had time to listen a little bit.


Hopefully mine will get here at some point, I would like to try them as well lol

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I’ll have mine sooner hahahaha (Very evil voice).


Where did you order them? Drop?

The linsoul 11.11 sale lol

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Ouch. I’m hoping the shorter estimated time means they are already here in the US, not coming from China. We shall see!

I got them from , but I paid 88 euros. I couldn’t be bothered with the wait.

Best iems l had so far…! Almost my perfect signature. These are very very good. And the cable is great! No need for the hassle of buying more things to make them work, Just great with what’s included although l always use my preferred tips. They sound better after a week or so of casual listening… l like these

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That’s encouraging! What other IEMs have you tried on your way to finding these?

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Fiio f9
Fiio fh1
Tin t2
Cca c10
Kz zs10pro
Kz zsx
Edit: TRN BA5 for a short time. Not a good experience.

What are your preferred tips with these? I’m looking to probably switch to a silicone or hybrid. I don’t really like dealing with foam and I don’t like how they don’t last as long.