🔶 Shuoer EJ07M

I would recommend earbuds while you recover, last thing you want is to make the infection worse by exposing it to virus/bacteria due to the insertion…


You are right…

I haven’t put any IEMs in my ears… Cuz I don’t want to make the infection worse… The funny things I do clean all my eartips with alcohol wipes before I put them in my ears… But I have no clue how did I get the infection…

Thank you for the advice🌼


I ordered these cuz I don’t have them

  • E-Pro horn EP00
  • Elecom EP-CAP 20
  • Azla Crystal

The CP100+ they are the same as the CP100, right? Only materials different…

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They should be pretty close, yeah. I think plus is better for allergies and irritations due to medical grade silicone, but thats about that.

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Maybe also Tanya eartips? I remember they were good

They are Elecap CAP-20 :slight_smile: (the narrow ones)

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Oops… Okay always extra is good

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Ohh I see you already made first impressions on them… Well done🤗

Why this set didn’t get hyped? Really I am still questioning EJ07M is a unique I am being honest…

Tho as what I mentioned before didn’t spend alot of time with them… But they make you say Wow when u listen to them < at least that me first time I listened to them

MoonDrop Variations got hyped :slightly_smiling_face:


Brand and marketing matters a lot. Thieaudio took all the spotlights and then Variations entered the market with a cheaper monarch and a fanbase.

All tribids are different. Monarch and Variations appeal to a lot of people and I understand why. They are detail monsters.


CP100 on the left. CP100+ on the right…


Yes just different silicone, hospital grade which is supposed to cut down on infection.

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So i’ve spent 2 hours tip rolling. I find longer tips to work better with 07m. My preference is based on vocal presentation and bass texture, and trying to dimishing treble peaks. I also tried to keep or expand soundstage and imaging, since it’s one of M’s strong points.

My final picks are:

  • Spinfit CP145 - Found them the best overall due to vocal presentation, bass texture and stage. Wouldn’t mind an hair less treble.
  • Comply T-500 Isolation Foams - Best stage, good bass slam, best slam, treble very close to CP145. The most 3D/Immersive you can find here. But they are foams.

Honorable mentions:

  • Transparent white with black stem stock tips - Very close to SF, an hair less of vocal presentation and stage, but might be better for people that prefer rigid stems due to their ear canal;
  • Black Stock Tips - Wider bore than transpararent stock, more treble focused. Slight more stage, less vocal presentation and bass texture.
  • E-Pro Horn EP00 (long ones, not EP01) - This are a close second for now. Tame treble peaks very well, but have a worse vocal presentation. Will have to come back to these 1 more time in the future.


They are one of the best fits with spinfit I’ve seen. You can abuse them.

Also this change with sources. I find more clinical with stage to shine.

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@Godria , What source do you normally use? A90?

Yup, desktop A90 with D90 dac at the moment…

Portable = XD05 Bal, W2 (I didn’t use it that much but u know better than me how great this dangle) , sometimes the Hip Dac

No hish on 05 Bal?

Damn, A90+D90 is out of my league for now… But I might need a new AMP, even if I use W2 as DAC

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There is no hiss( on low gain), sometimes can pickup noise it is kinda weird tbh, also there is kinda click sound when you plug the headphones jack, and switching between modes ( USB, Bluetooth …etc)

Yeah u are right it is expensive, but really it’s worth the money… U can go with the A50s is the little brother… If want something really clean and

Or this one ( I think this one is really good, and better compare to XD05 Bal)

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