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  • Type: In Ear
  • Amp needed: YES

[:red_circle: Linsoul Link(Shuoer Tape Pro – Linsoul Audio)


Z Reviews

Shuoer has released an updated version of the Tape:

It looks like a refined version of the original with customisable screws to adjust bass.

BGGA has a review of it:


Woops my finger slipped during the 11/11 sales, ordered and looking forward to the long delivery wait now.

This isn’t even on sale, though, is it?

I ordered one as well. Hopefully it’s not too bright in the treble or too soft in the bass. My VK4 has surpassed the love I once had for the Legacy 3.

Does anyone know if I can run these loud unlike the originals?

Got it from Linsoul with $50 discount in their 11/11 sale using their gift card system.


its easy to drive so should be possible if u shove enough power down their throats XD

Bad Guy says they fixed the upper-mid/lower-treble peak so it’s not shouty and you can run them loud, you should be fine.

Haven’t heard the Pro but I can confirm the Tapes are amazing (minus the shout, which was a huge flaw)

how do they compare to the starfields?

I will find out when I get my pair. I own the Starfields and love them, but I’ve wanted a pair of Tapes too. Ended up getting the Pro now that it released.

I wonder how long the waiting time will be :thinking:


I’m more curious to see if they fixed the drivers dying too early. I’ve seen a couple of people saying one of the drivers fail after a few months of use.

$129 isn’t really something I’m comfortable gambling with.


Yeah I only saw those complaints after placing my order but going to stick with it and see. They should have figured those issues out by now (or so I hope)

“If you order it now, item will be shipped from 11.11”

Well, 11.14 is half gone, and still no sign of my TP being shipped…

I wouldn’t expect shipment for a while, I get the impression they were swamped with orders and it’s going to take a couple of production runs to get through them. Eg if you order now on Amazon they are estimating mid to late Dec delivery.

There will be a few different shipments and depending on how busy 11/11 was with orders it may be put at the bottom of a long or short list.

They were available to order from the beginning of the month and mine is due to ship around the 23rd November from Amazon. I ordered it before the 11/11 rush.

"Your order has already in shipping company warehouse, however due to the large order volume because of 11.11, their processing time should take slightly a little longer than normal.

We are sorry for the little bit delay about this and we have arranged with little fast shipping method to you already and also push them for the delivery as soon as possible and once your order can be tracked via online, we will update you the tracking number via email. "


“We have started shipments since 11.11 and will continue to do so in batches.”

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Nice, looking forward to everyones impressions. Mine are somewhere in the 11.11 queue.

I caved in and ordered since my local dealer set me up with a $30 discount on a pre-order through him.

I really hope I don’t regret this lads.

going just off of the originals, you absolutely have nothing to regret :slight_smile:

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I’ve been wondering whether I should get this or the tin P1. I think I’ll wait until someone give their own impression on the tape pro