Simgot supermix 4

Opening this thread to begin a discussion of the Simgot Supermix 4, will post my review here shortly

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This is an interesting IEM. It looks like a pretty solid value pick and the tuning is more standard Harmon. The impact is that Simgot finally brings the treble down a bit, and manages to piss off all the fans of their house sound, but most of the other folks have spent a year learning that Simgot tunes bright, so they aren’t for them.

I am going to sit and see what the opinion of the Supermix 4 is over the next month or two.

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I have this and the cca hydro and I have to be honest, I like the hydro better. Bass is thicker, more texture and with a little eq sub bass is equal to sm4 and doscinco. It also has a more natural timbre in the midrange with male and female vocals sounding much more organic albeit slightly recessed but not annoyingly so. No sibilance in the highs but a very natural soundstage and amazing imaging. Hydro really keeps instruments separated whereas sm4 can get slightly congested. Sm4 also can sound a bit metallic in the highs and thin in the mids but it does sound very clear and detailed, just not enough to overcome the more natural sound of the hydro. Not to mention alliexpress you can get the hydro for about $100 us (one person I’ve seen said they got theirs for $93) and id say the hydro competes well above it’s price range. Waiting for the juzear 61t to see how far it pinches above.

For hydro I use the 1110 config and on both I use a set of spinfit short, wide bore tips. Did not like the tips that came with sm4. Comfort is better on the sm4 as I use small tips so there is some discomfort after long long sessions with the hydro but it’s gotten better the more I use them.

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I am not a fan of the Harman 2019 tuning target. I could add tuning mesh filters to tame what for me is excessive brightness in the upper midrange and the treble, just like I did for the EM6L, yet the Supermix 4 still would have too much of a mid bass tuck which can only be corrected by using parametric EQ.

I have received mine yesterday. It is a massive red flag and over hyped IEM in my opinion. Ill cover why in detail soon


If you can try it with short wide bore tips. The stock ones were absolutely disappointing but once the driver got opened up it was a better experience for me

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Yup, I have them on the newest Sedna widebores, tried with foam, older Sedna stock, etc. The tuning gets annoying in extended sessions, really pokes my brain. Few other issues as well

Ya I hear ya. Same thing with me. Initially I’ll sit down and be impressed but after awhile I’ll start noticing the issues and I switch to the hydro and be impressed all over again by it

By the way if you invert the 2 pin connection, the way it goes in, youll fix a lot about the iems. They are significantly less bad when you do that

@gofullcircle I can respect other’s opinions, even (and especially) if we disagree, but using phrases like red flags and overhyped is a bit of a reach, no? I personally really enjoyed the SM4, I thought for $150 it was a fantastic bang for buck IEM. If you’re not digging them, I totally respect that, but that also doesn’t mean they’re overhyped. They’re just not for you, brother.


Its a red flag for an important reason. Overhyped is still definitely accurate. Not for me could be true. But im talking more about significant glaring issues. That impact everyone regardless of taste.

If you like it, i highly suggest trying to invert the way the 2 pin plug goes in and thus trying it with correct polarity. You will absolutely adore them then. Really.

Ill post the issues below soon

I’m at a point in this hobby where I’ve tried so many IEMs that I don’t care to argue online, honestly. I respect your opinion, you’re free to feel the way you fell. I feel as though the SM4 is a fun IEM, and I quite enjoyed them my self. End of story for me really, I look forward to reading your thoughts in greater detail.


I’ll join the overhyped train. Multiple people were hyping the sm4 like a it was the best thing under $200 but it’s beat out imo by something that can be found for 30% (or more) cheaper. The use of multiple types of drivers seems to just overcomplicate the matter. I’ll see about switching the pins and see if anything changes but I’ll probably be selling them

beat out by what?

Cca hydro. I say why in a previous post

They dont really share anything in common and is very much an apple to oranges comparison, seems to me that you just prefer the tonality of the hydro.


That 6khz peak on the simgot is murder. Sheer murder

Yep, tonality preference then.


To a degree. But theres some glaring issues which effect everyone. Regardless of tonality. The supermix has inverted polarity. It screws with the presentation of vocals.

My god there are so many new IEMs that I wanted to try, but at the same time I have to be aware that this hobby can get fucking expensive and right now I don’t have the luxury to get this IEM just to hear how is it any better than my EM6L. I don’t know man, right now I have been contemplating between this and the AFUL Performer 5, for the price of the AFUL Performer 5 during sale? to me is a huge steal to grab.

So yeah it’s tough when I am in that phase right now that I am curious about the latest and new IEMs, and at the same time I am also curious about the IEMs that I didn’t get previously yet they are still here to stay.

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