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Totally think it’s worth the hype.

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And the enhanced 3M Transpore tape mod.



Will have a full vid with compares in a few days.
Shout out to the folks who already knew about this set. :notes:


Micropore was meant to arrive yesterday, it’s arriving today instead. Excited!


I feel like I was a big part of the ground floor on this. Even though HBB has been sitting on this one for a while, it was staring at it’s graph for long enough that made me take a shot on it as a sub-$100 set and holy crap does this set deliver. It’s way better than then under-$50 sets that have similar style tunings, and it’s competitive with sets I’ve heard 3-4x the price (and higher but that’s personal taste).

Especially on sale under $80, this is the most impressive set for price-to-performance that I’ve heard.

Definitely in love with this set a bit. And I am so glad it’s catching on. This set deserves the love!


You beat me to it by a mile. :sweat_smile:
I never gave it a long listen till recently and just knew Paul Wasabi gave it a vid. Then TDM did and a few have I realized today.

Dope set. :notes: :ok_hand:


You gonna check out the EA2000? That one is interesting to me because it has a passive bass radiator along with the 12mm DD.

( Measurement: Based on TOTLAB B&K 4195, TOTLAB iepe, ASUS u7 mark ii, range 100-8000Hz.)

That coupler to iec711 should be like the Moondrop graphs.


oh and @hawaiibadboy have you noticed any similarities between the EA500 and the Dunu Falcon Pro/vernus? The drivers they got seem VERY similar.


Well shoot, they just cleaned up the bass bloat on that…

yeah, but the whole FR, from dips, peaks to the overall bass shelf looks like it is the same driver but tuned differently with damping and stuff.

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Absolutely, I meant it as they tuned the bass to not be so overwhelming and very balanced. I’m a mid-bass freak and I even think the Falcon PRO looks too much, so SIMGOT did a great job with EA500

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I’m in.

Haven’t opened mine yet but I’m all for this cult here. The packaging for $65 is outrageously nice, so the start is definitely positive :handshake:


You love the Final E3000 then :rofl:


I have absolutely been thinking of the Vernus with the EA500. Very similar tonality from memory but I actually prefer the EA500.


Actually the timbre /tonality is quite similar despite the Dunu have much more midbass. The res/tech of the set stand out or the non over dampening is letting this driver do it’s thing ( Right driver in the right shell)
I hope they can repeat this with future releases. I don’t want this to be a “lucky” kinda thing. :melting_face:


The EN1000 is definitely a love/hate set. It’s going to be a divisive (at best) set. I like it but I would not have confidence in recommending it.

I’m very interested in EA2000 and if that is any good, especially with it having a 4.4mm plug in it’s selection

Interesting. Would be pretty damn nice if the Eclipse tech has trickled down to close to 10x cheaper than when it originally came in the Dunu Zen.

Looking at you, Blon (BL-03). :joy:


Your graph (and the transparent filter) look much better, tbh. I probably would fuck with that, if it wasn’t so expensive. Hence why I’m here with EA500 LOL

I modded this a ton though, can turn it into a pseudo Vernus.

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