What are you trying to view the sheet on? It would help me to figure out a fix, to know what you’re viewing on.

Thank you :slight_smile:

thank you GB. Actually when i am opening the link, the excel file is blooming out large wihout giving me any option to reduce the window of vision (slider bottom right usually). As a result i can only see till some columns without options to slide the view further to the right. I am on a laptop it is on QHD settings. it is the MS online view constraints I guess.


Playing with Filter Kit Simgot gave me for the EA500
My Vent Mod = 1/2 High Density Foam stiffed into vent, Micropore over hole and Metal Cover.

Then on the new nozzel 2 x 450 level filters and inside nozzle 2 x 4mm x 3mm low Density foams.

Sound WOW.

Look how it changed the pina gain so for anyone who thought the EA500 was a tad hot here you go.


Take out one of the low density foams so you’re 1 x 4mm x 3mm foam and try that out. Or had you already tried that, and then went to 2?

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I went to 2 because Iiked the curve more then I killed my Left one dropped something into DD and no bass.

It made very diff between 1 to 2

Buying another set to listen.


D’oh!! That’s no bueno

Can you take a macro pic of it? (remove the nozzle so u can see more.)


Listening to the remaster of Yes’ Fragile, and the combination of instrumental separation combined with the ability to just plain rock out is making it a sublime experience. I really do love these above all of my other iems. I don’t own any that cost more than around $130. And with these I don’t see the need to go higher price wise. Although I must admit some curiosity about the EA2000 Zeos just reviewed today.



I got my Olina SEs back from @domq422 and put this combo (NiceHCK RubyCat + TS-400 foam tips) on them and was pretty impressed with how it gives just a little extra body to the SE and makes them sound pretty clean and smooth.

Then I put them on EA500 and was like “fuck these blow Olina out because they’re nearly as smooth but have way more dynamic range”. It’s not going to give you that sub-bass over midbass feeling if you want @ToneDeafMonk’s modded levels of sub-bass. But if you like stock EA500 (I’m on the stock black filters while all my other filters are with @MMag05) but want it to have a little more body, this is a winning combo.


Trying some slightly larger than usual Final Es, no mods, desktop setup… and I’m loving the bass I’m getting, especially for a set that rolls off. Nice warmth and smoothness to the vocals. Still plenty of details and appropriate sense of space.


Well I’ve had the EA500 in for a lengthy grading session today, no complaints besides being too bright for some Queen tracks. I’ve been pleasantly surprised when Linkin Park or Nightwish has shuffled on.


EA500 really is a Shuffle Queen!

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Timbre on deep pitched bowed instruments is on point, plenty of weight to drums and rhythm guitars too!


The New filter kit fixed all that soon to be available from discord link i believe.


It has been many months now and yes, the EA500 is still going strong in my book. Still using it as well and I cannot seem to let it go especially when I have a trip with my family or friends, the EA500s has just been my go to IEMs to use for most of the time. It’s like wine for me at the moment, it just keeps getting better and better to listen to, and I’d bet even better if at some point I can try some of the mods for it to give it a bit of spice as well.


These shits are cracked