Similar amps to the Asgard 3?

I was recently sold on purchasing the Asgard 3 but in the UK, The reseller has stated they have no idea when they are getting any stock. I could purchase direct from the USA which would likely cost me a little more but my concern is with if I ever need to RMA (What forms do I need to complete, Import/export costs etc)

I’ve also read to look at something like the Lake People G103 but I’ve never heard nor know anything about them.

I’m looking for a slightly warmer looking headphone amp around the same price and performance of the Asgard 3 so would appreciate some recommendations for items that may be available in the UK.

The RebelAmp is a great choice, but it’s twice as expensive.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I would like to try and keep the price similar to the Asgard 3.
However, Looking into this earlier, It appears if I buy it in the UK, I only get a 2-3 year warranty. If I buy direct from the USA I then get a 5 year warranty.

I agree. Rebel amp is better. But more $.

Yeah its probably a bit too much over my budget and use case.

mono price liquid spark
chifi tube pre amp + 100-150$ amp of choice
xduo mt602/604

edit: all will be a similar experience. but the a3 beats them all in most regards by a little bit to a lot depending(like raw power)

I did initially look at the liquid spark but was advised if I could, spend a little bit more for the Asgard 3. Would the liquid spark power the likes of the 600 ohm Beyers?

it has enough. its not as good as the a3, but its a very solid capable amp. and it has some warmth.

I’m just reading up on it at the minute and both appear to be a pretty decent choice.
Looking at the cost, I can get the Liquid spark at less than half the price of the Asgard 3.
The LS is £112 where as to import the A3 it will likely cost me £270.

I think the A3 would have to be something special to cost more than double the price.

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G103-S owner here.
It is a minimalist amp. You get RCA inputs (or XLR when you buy the -P version), an on/off switch and a volume knob.
Sound wise, it is warm leaning neutral.
G103-S Thread

I’ve had a good read through of that thread from my initial posting. I’ll keep it in mind.
The more I think about it, I may just buy a Schiit Heresy/magni 3+ and call it a day.

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The Magni 3+ is superb…
I have the original Magni and the M3+ and Heresy…
And the Asgard 3…

All good…but if you arent driving a set of HE6’s or Susvaras…the Magni 3+ is all u need…


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Hi Alex, thanks. I think that’s what I’m aiming for now. I’ve decided it’s probably going to be between the IEMagni (for the added protection circuit) or the JDS Atom+

Edit: Pretty certain it will be a Magni. After having a read about the IEMagni, I’ve seen some recommending not to get it due to rising distortion in high gain mode with low impedance headphones. Any truth to it?

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Great choice!!


Hey did you find out any more about the distortion with IEMagni in high gain mode? would like to here from others on this

Not yet but I have made a few queries so will let you know when I find out.

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I’ve asked about and no one really said much on it apart from just stick to the Magni 3+ if not using IEM’s. The other consensus was that it would be inaudible due to the max volume required to hear it would like break your ears.


The Magni 3+ is the $99 gold standard for me and many others.

Seems that way. Loads of people saying the same from what I’ve been reading.

I still have the original Magni 3, not the 3+ and the Hersey…both excellent amps.
Amazing how well a $99 amp works and drives most any headphones very well.