SIVGA SV023 open back to be released

SIVGA posted on their FB page:


MAY 19 TO 22, 2022

SIVGA in HALL 1, 06

Welcome to audition! SIVGA PHOENIX, P-II, SV021 as well as new member SV023 will be on show.


Looks like they’re using the Phoenix-type headband for this one. Not a bad change. I think the SV021 is pretty comfortable but the headband generates a hot spot on me eventually. Interesting if they’re going to use the same driver. That unique sound signature in an open can could be pretty enjoyable. Looking forward to hearing more.


not a chastising Skywalker, but this should be merged into the Rumors & New Releases thread :wink:

edit - also, holy smazoly there are a lot of brands at this event! 0_o

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It is coming.


IM HYPED. Sv021 for me is very enjoyable, all rounder and beautiful.

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50mm drivers: aluminum, LCP and beryllium coated. Sounds nice. $449 MSRP.

Official site:

Up for pre-order on Audio46:

Hell of a price jump from the others in the line up

300 ohms… that’s a pivot from the sensitive AF Phoenix headphones they sell. I’m intrigued, though :slight_smile:

Seems they are using this driver.

(around 80 usd/pair)

This driver doesnt have a good rep in the DIY world.


how can you tell?
Im assuming they arent super public about these sorts of things and the overall specs are rather vague

Thats the only 50mm LCP/Beryllium coated driver I know out there. That company (QIGOM) is a big OEM that makes a lot of drivers as well.


could you make a thread on DIY drivers you’ve used that you like/dislike? thinking about soldering my own earbuds just as a pet project after exams and i think having a place to come back to would be useful (way too lazy to use head-fi)

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For earbuds, you can take a look here:

A good start.


nvm that’s way better than what i had in mind lol, thanks!

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80 bucks a pair, that’s not a cheap set of drivers (probs costs less for bulk order). So far, everything is looking good.

It is on the more expensive side for drivers. Most can be found around 5-30 usd. Denon D9200/7200 drivers (or at least the replica) are around 80 usd as well.

Wooden shells are around 50-150 usd.

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I guess that kinda justifies the price.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I will be able to chime in with my opinion.

I’ll sit on it for a bit but im very curious to see how this stacks up to Sivga’s, Zeos will probably be one of the first to give a review out.

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Any opinions about that?