🔶 SJY Moonlight

This is the official thread for the SJY Moonlight. This thread is for discussion and reviews.


  • Over Ear
  • High Power Amp Needed
  • Open Back

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Z Reviews


I just purchased one as I like the Starry Night


What amp do you plan on using to power it?


One of 1 Pink Moonlight


Those are gorgeous.
I’m thinking of getting the rose blue finish

What cables come with this headphone?

LAST question lol, Do these work with a tube amp? Like a Feliks Euforia

These look nice, and I like they’re made in the US. I just need more opinions about how they sound. On my radar though, for sure.


So what is everyone planning to power them with? I got my two Gjallarhorn amps ready to go as well as my Soloist 3XP. I really want to try a tube or hybrid tube amp with them, and I will do so when I purchase a new Amp next year.

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Tube OTL amps don’t always pair well with sub 32 Ohm Planar headphones. I am sure that there are exceptions, but a hybrid tube amp would be a safer bet. Have you tried sub 32 Ohm Planar headphones with that amp before?

I’ve got a Burson C3R and an A90D which both did drive my Starry Night (V1) quite well, with the A90D offering better control, dynamics and slam. Looking at the specs, i’d expect similar results with the Moonlight.

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My Soloist 3xp also powers them well, but the 2x Schiit Audio Gjallarhorn amps seem to give them that extra push to sound even better. I can’t wait to see if moonlight responds well to the mono blocks as well.


Hey. Interested in buying, a while since I had a planar.

What type of cable is used here? Double 3.5mm? Same as hifiman

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Here ya go Boom :+1:


The first on hand review just came out,
Check it out for anyone that is waiting for a review.



My Moonlight is on the way now, too, should according to DHL Express arrive on the thursday. Good to see that the first hands on impressions seem to validate Zeos’ review.

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Ended up ordering, first headphone purchase in a few years.

I do miss my older planars I have sold away, LCD 2C, LCD 3 and Sasha Tres. I am pretty sure this will fulfill my list for planar again.:grin: