🔶 SJY Moonlight

Hi Jeffrey, I am wondering if you will be making more of the Moonlights?
could we get custom colors if requested?
looking for COTTON CANDY SYJ MOONLIGHT. (pinks, blues, purples)

Hi, am interested in the presets for EQ for when I get Moonlight
can message me? :slight_smile:

That would be interesting, but he is most likely working on the next project I would assume. :thinking:

Sorry for the late reply, hurricane beryl caused total blackout in my city. Just got some internet access. It’s so dark at night I can see stars.

I will probably make a revision of the moonlight some time in the future. Im currently working on a few projects so I’m can’t make any custom moonlight for now.


Glad you hear you are alright. I hope your utilities get fully restored soon.

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No problem, good to hear you are safe.
Looking forward to hearing about your other projects as well.