🔶 SJY Moonlight

I kind of figured that out since we’re in the Moonlight thread. :laughing:

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Ta-22 is probably my favorite amp with the moonlight.

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Hi guys. First of all, thank you very much for your guidance and answers. They allowed me to decide and pull the plug on the Moonlight. I have them here. I was surprised that they are playable from schiit Magni Uber 2. I was wondering if someone tried the Schiit Magnius? Thanks

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Congrats on your new cans. The Magnius was replaced by the Midgard, but the Magnius is still being sold on Amazon. I would also assume that Schiit will throw some on B-stock listings as well. Just a heads up if you were looking to buy one. I would say the Asgard 3 would be the better amp, but I have not demoed the Magnius (basing it off of what others have said). The only issue is that the Asgard 3 is now $279 vs its original MSRP of $200 (granted production costs have increased). If you want a cleaner amp I would guess the Topping A70 pro would be on your short list, but since I found the L70 to be a bad pairing with Moonlight I would wait on confirmation. It depends on your budget and your tastes as to which rout you should take. Just remember that Moonlight is very amp dependent, so I would buy from retailers with good return policies just in case it turns out to be a bad pairing.

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On the class A side of things the Aune S17 Pro is getting good reviews, but it is 3 x the price of the Magnius.


Thanks to your reply. I’m planning to run it from xduoo ta-22 in the future, but I was thinking whether (in the meantime) I can run it from Magnius. :wink: it should have 6w into 16 ohm so I reckon it should be fine.

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Well, I couldn’t resist the itch to grab a Mjolnir 3. So I will not be getting a WA-22 next year. So, once I get my unit I will let you know how it powers the Moonlight.


Did anyone try to oil or use wood wax to give the earcups a nicer finish?

Has anyone tried the s17 pro?

I measured my Moonlight with a Chinese iec711 coupler with headmount system.

That rig is well calibrated, so there is no significant error than gras measurements.

The driver in my moonlight seems to have a different fr and different structure than the one used in the dms review

My driver doesn’t even have a pattern on the inside
Is it normal? Can anyone confirm this?

Anyway, headphone sounds great with some eq.
I quite like it.

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(post deleted by author)

The grill pattern on the inside was a prototype, but due the cost of the grill I decided to remove the pattern and went with a blank grill.

I slightly tuned the mids lower to increase some soundstage which is why it’s different than the one of the prototype.

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