Sleek and capable 2.1 desk setup

Curious about what people think of my setup, planning on using my computers’ motherboard integrated sound chip as my receiver, and dac for my sub. I will use windows for my preamp.

List; Sound Setup - PCPartPicker

(correct link this time… hopefully)

Why is 10% of your budget put into the speakers that’ll be doing like 90% of the job or producing sound? 0_o


the bs5s were highly praised by reviewers and I plan on upgrading once my ears and listening ability develop to the point of hearing the weak points, like what I’ve done with my current speakers. (I also love below 30hz bass so half my budget went to the sub lol) This is my upgrade path for when that happens; Sound Setup Upgrade - PCPartPicker

The common recommendation is the opposite. Get the best speakers you can because the sub just fills the lower-end. Then you upgrade to a sub later on.

You also don’t need all that expensive cabling and accessories. Buy a bare-bones system and adjust later.


I already sort of have a system, and I started out as a car audio guy (hence the sub) and unfortunately i’m not the regular person, I totally agree and would recommend that for anyone else. Clarity and often also stooopid low bass is just my thing. good rec tho still. anything else you find weird abt the setup? im still iffy on the usb sound eliminator (only considering because my gaming pc might give out too much emi). Expensive cables are for looks and this is supposed to be my endgame setup for quite a while so im looking to have as few weak points as possible.

-Edit, this is what I need my system to be able to handle; (2) Bass Is Your God - YouTube

trying to currently kill bassotronics - bass I love you

The way I’d go about this is:

MiniDSP HD, usb from computer, RCA to speakers and sub. It has variable output with a remote. Set crossover through MiniDSP.
Klipsch RP-500M
That PA3 is good, but I prefer my SA300.
Emotiva S8 sub because for desktop, you don’t need much.

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the dac in the minidsp seems to not be very good from what zeos says, I actually do plan on using a minidigi in the future for dsp and crossover though. the klipsch don’t match my aesthetic tastes although they will def sound better, and the sa300 actually was my first choice but I needed to cut the lows on my speakers so I switched to the pa3 (they both use the same amp apparently if I remember right), and the s8 would be my choice absolutely for most music but unfortunately it doesn’t dig into the sub-20 hertz range :[ any other alternatives you can think of? I’ve got everything figured out and thought through everything, but any advice is good advice. your recommendation is very good tho fyi so don’t be concerned about that, I am a special human is all rip

So… what are you asking for then? Reassurance for what you want?

If everything is perfect for you, go for it. Enjoy your setup.

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reassurance and possible warnings to bad products, dangerous/ simply bad sounding combos, and I just like talking about my plans and setups lol. Alternative options for the same usage purpose too.

You know neumi came out with a center channel dual 5in woofers the thing is compact.

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Oh it’s officially out? sweeet. Unfortunately I like stereo sound at my desk :3

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Buy 2 for a D’appleleetoe speaker setup. $69.00x2= $138.00

Same goes here, everyone has their own preferences!

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uh hold on wot

You can use two center channel speakers for a stereo pair. MTM midwoofer tweeter midwoofer design.

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i understood that part, i just don’t know for the life of me what D’appleleetoe means 0-O

Its a speaker design. D’APPLE-LEE-TOE

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oh, the more you know. I thought you were drunk so I shall consider this a vast improvement of character just for the funnies

I’ll share one of my fairly hard hitting desktop set-ups to further inspire you and offer up some more ideas;

Mac-book pro > Roon > Quboz/Tidal > RME ADi-2 FS > Adcom GFA- 555 MKii > Monoprice Monolith K-Bas > Bic America V1220.

Feel free to use standard Amazon basic wires and cables, they work fine, Next upgrade would be to Blue Jeans Cables and Pangea power chords and USB cable and lastly add Furman Elite 15DMI linear power conditioner if you want to go hog-wild.

PS, I too was an Old School Car Stereo guy from the late eighties and early 90’s, over time my tastes modified a refined a bit but yes, I like certain genre’s to hit hard

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Sounds pretty competent!

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