SMSL SAP-1 Class A headphone amp for 90$?

Apparently, this is class A? Official website with insides shown, does it look it is? I honestly don’t even know how to tell if it’s Class A:

Mass/Drop says it’s Class A too.

It probably is, but just because it says class a doesn’t mean it’s good lol. Not saying it can’t be good, but being class a doesn’t make it inherently better than a class d or something


Still interesting. For the price, I’m considering buying it, testing it, and giving or selling it to a friend if I don’t like it. I wonder if I’ll hear the difference. If 270 mW @ 32 ohms of Class A is enough for my T50RPs, etc etc.

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Also, that’s the cheapest Class A headphone amp I found. If anyone knows another one, please tell me. :slight_smile:

Edit: Did not mean to reply to you, I screwed up, sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:


It should be fine, but you might end up benefiting from more power

Also this is an interesting class a. You can diy a pretty good class a somewhat easily

So, ehm…
It technically is a Class A, a fully integrated Texas Instruments Class A. The TPA 6120A2 (marked 6 in the picture below) to be exact. To all of you on board this hype train, that chip may be familiar.

Implementation looks to be just like in the RNHP: An exact implementation of the TI reference circuit.
In difference to the RNHP, there is more filtering between the power plug and the TPA6120A2

Honorable side note: HUGE seperation slots between high voltage (power input) and low voltage (audio in).


I noticed that as well, I linked that ali express amp with the 6120A2 too. I have heard a few diy with similar ti chips following the ti reference it they did sound different, I would assume because of the quality of components inside?

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I guess?

Am yet to get that chip in the mail, so no tests done yet.


Excellent… so, I’ll buy the SMSL soon, lol. Thanks :slight_smile:

I am also considering buying one, just for giggles.

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I am also considering one, because random internet people are considering buying it.


I’m not considering one because I don’t need a $90 SS amp.


I can sell it to you at a 500% markup if that makes it better :stuck_out_tongue:


But Class A! And someone said it might sound similar to RNHP!

integrated circuit that does Class A

Who said that? I just said it used the same chip. :wink:


Better get an r2r dac too or you’ll miss out on significant quantifiable quality

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Exactly. Definitely enough to start a hype train.

80% of RNHP for 80% less


Is that not the atom tho lol. Or something like the archel 2.5 pro

How do you know?

Note to future self witth disposeable income: Buy scope that supports summing of input signals and make “DAC/Amp/etc. accuracy comparison”-thread.