So Moondrop is making a headphone

Not sure if this has been discussed on here yet.

Moondrop facebook teaser post

No info yet on price, specs, etc.

Just something to keep on the radar for now.


interesting design. I’m leaning more on the side of liking the look than not.


I hope its over ear cause if it was any smaller that yoke would be a design concern of mine


a concern? how so?

look at how thin the headband as well as the yoke swivel thing looks if it was an on ear ti could be too thin with a possbility of bending and snapping

there’s too little to the image to really know.

aggreed its too dark for all i know the headband is big and the color just blends in wiht the background too much

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Lol the picture makes me think cheap plastic. Looking forward to seeing the full release though.

The real question is… Can we have anime waifu engraving on it?


would rather it look like a weeb can than a tire


I think it looks pretty cool :man_shrugging:

Looks to be very open, I am interested.

ok wow, thats looks awesome. i cant wait to hear about it. are moondrop a Asian company?

Googled moondrop and the first link was Shenzhen audio so… I’m assuming Chinese

Come to think of it, yeah if it’s that open that soundstage had better be friggin huge and accurate. Depending on the signature that may be an instant buy from me. Though current impressions? I don’t like the design reminds me of a tire rim

The drivers kinda look like the ones from the Audio-Technica air headphones. If it is the same driver hopefully it doesn’t have the bass roll off that the audio technicas have.

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They are Chinese mainly focused on iems. They have one of the better reputations though all around.

well the headphone looks really cool. and ive heard good things about their IEM’s. cant wait to get the reviews on their headphone. very interested

more pictured of the headphones
if that headband design is actually pretty sound and the thichness is pretty good


dunno how it sounds but damn it looks cool as hell.