So sick of sour grapes

How much is a McDonald’s cheeseburger…$1.00? Now, how much is a Red Robin cheeseburger…$5.00? So, I guess that it’s stupid to ever buy a Red Robin cheeseburger because there’s no way that it’s 5 times better than a McDonald’s cheeseburger, right?

This is the mentality of many audiophiles and it’s obviously stupid. While a $25 cheeseburger might sound crazy to most of us, so is a $150,000 car until you say it’s a Ferrari and then people go, “Oh, well yes, Ferrari!, of course!”, etc.

Most “foodies” can tell you why a $25 burger is better than a $5 burger and so on. Part of the enjoyment of the hobby is being educated and having a better understanding of your pursuit. Am I wrong here? Is audio different than wine or cigar connoisseurship?

In my experience, no.

A lot of people don’t have an ear at all just like many people don’t have a refined pallet or an eye for fashion, etc. (Just ask Zeos! I love the guy, but if he couldn’t hear a difference between Audeze Isine 10 and 20, then he has terrible hearing as the difference was night and day).

My point being that if you can afford better, then buy better. Don’t dump on things that you can’t afford because you’re too insecure to admit to yourself that you’re jealous and in need of validating your lot in life.

Besides, was there anything more annoying than seeing people like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and even Conan O’Brien driving Honda’s and Ford’s or flying coach? Give me a break! Stop being class warriors and give credit where it’s do to those manufacturers/designers who make cutting-edge products that (some of us at least) can appreciate.


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