Rant thread - share your grievances, not just audio

my iPhone 8 Plus just randomly died. it was plugged into my PC and it started to make USB connect / disconnect sounds ever 5 seconds or so. I couldn’t figure out what was making the sound so restarted the PC and when I did that, grabbed my phone to see what updates there were. it was hot as hell and had an overheat error message. I turned it off, and once it was cooler, I tried to turn it on, it showed empty battery logo, so plugged it in to charge and it started to overheat again.

made a claim with the insurance company I have coverage with…but what the heck? this thing has never given em one moment of grief in the 23 months I’ve had it.

Normal failure mode of lithium cells. I wonder how the charge circuit does not detect the overheat and terminate the charge…?

My condolences. :skull:

I might try plugging it in tomorrow and see what happens…but I’m leery, to say the least. it never got so hot I couldn’t hold it…but it was more than warm, for sure.

lets hope that because it’s a 2 year old phone I will get something newer… I don’t want to do a reset to see if that fixes whatever went wrong…I got lots of stuff on there I don’t want to lose!

edit - fortunately my son in law has a Samsung A5 that is surplus…so I’ve swapped my nano SIM over to it. A5 is a bottom end model, but for a 4 year old phone with only a quad core CPU built of A53 cores, it’s not so bad. has a FHD screen, which is fine by me…bad eyesight, so I don’t need super hi res to squint at.

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Yeah, I back up all the homemade porn, much to the GF’s chagrin…I don’t trust technology and hate to lose fond memories :rofl:

Dude, seriously that sux. I still use an iPhone 6 and it’s been quirky lately, I have a feeling those fuckers do stuff on purpose to the software to force new purchases every few years… :imp: Pisses me off like nothing else :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Well, not really, lots of stuff pisses me off, but this one more than other…LOL

Good luck with that phone, it can always be worse…


my wife n both my mom & dad have 6 Plus and while they have quirks, operate without complaint and they’re ANCIENT.

my 2 year contract is coming up and I’m thinking of jumping ship to a carrier called Freedom Mobile. they’ve got a deal where you get two iPhones 11 64GB @ no cost when you sign up 2 lines at a min of $75/m coming with 10Gb of data. that’s essentially what we have now, 10Gb for $75/m, but have to pay out of pocket or use a tab over 2 years to pay for a phone upgrade…so gonna see what I can do to get that or convince my courier to give me the same. :wink:

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I lied…now that I’ve started using app’s I’ve installed, the thing is slow. it’s livable though and better than not having anything. beggars can’t be chooser, LoL!

oh…and the CPU is an octo core of 1.9gthz A53. seems the A5 line has gone through many revisions over the year, keeping the same name and I read the wrong one. :stuck_out_tongue: still slow though, LoL!


What is it with companies cutting corners on expensive products?

  • 500€ bench PSU with slipping knobs
  • 45€ test leads that come pre-kinked
  • 600€ headphone amplifiers without meaningful input filtering so the cheapo (~6€) included wall adapter can funnel the noise of your fridge compressor into your head
  • 300+ € monitors where you need to take the back off, unscrew the stand in there to make the VESA mount useable
  • thumb-screws that require a screwdriver to break loose in 150+ € PC-cases
  • 45V backlight running 0.5mm (yes, that close!) to 0.8V data to the GPU in a $1200 laptop (company praised for their “clean and clever design”)

The list is long and all have 1 and only ONE thing in common:
Cheap to implement/fix before hand & not a single fuck given in the design and QA phase

A simple screw here, 2€ of electronics there, a 2cm offset in the CAD software, adhereing to PCB design best-practices or a little less air pressure when putting in the screws.

What the hell is wrong with cost cutting measures that are less than 1% of the products material cost?
Product designers and engineers of the world! Stop! THINK about what you are doing right there and fix it, speak up about it and make the world a little less frustrating!



My favorite rant…coworkers who love to bitch about how NOBODY besides them do any work around the place and they don’t understand how management doesn’t see this and promote them😂 (Yes, they feel they single handed run the organization)

FFS, cry me a River…where to start with these people. There are several in my office and this is a regular occurrence. I so want to purchase one of those new flamethrowers one of these days and line them all up against a wall while I try it out😈

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In the EU mandatory warranty period for almost anything sold is 24 months.
Stuff starts to fall apart one month after the warranty has expired.

Well this rant of mine is not much of a big deal in terms of it being affecting my whole being and life. It’s just that there is this annoying damn youtuber that is SOOOOO freaking boring that he always gets into my recommendations just because I have watched some gaming related videos. And that annoying guy, is none other than TheQuartering, and the due would literally do fucking everything to get some damn clicks and views and man oh man when I watched him he is damn fucking BORING! like DUDE, I know money has been hard but come the fuck on! No need to make everything happening that has a tone of SJW this, gaming fuck ups a damn BIG DEAL! Also the fact that you’re trying to create a fucking controversy and taking things out of context like the guy that says fuck Hitler! Like DUDE he just address something about a damn King Kong movie, and yet here you are being a fucking prick, ffs I want him to fuck off from YT along with the cancers from that platform.

Before audiophile times, I spent 100$ on buying the Edifier W830BT. Instant heat generators and not even that comfy, and even if I wasn’t an audiophile I could still tell that the sound coming from the damn thing was muddied to hell. I still have them, in their box and basically untouched beyond the 2 hours I was struggling to enjoy them.

Oh, and the price I can get them at online is less than 80$. One uninformed purchase to rule them all.

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He’s also commonly called TheQuarterPoundering by Mister Metokur (funny guy).

I push all my greivences down into a bitter little pill and let them all out on Festivus, during the traditional airing of greivences.


My 17" HP envy 2014. Decided to die. And thank fuck it did. I bought it used for college 4 years ago. Heavy as fuck and was a chore to drag around campus. Had issues playing games and would stutter. Hp’s layouts are garbage , HP’s build quality on this one is kinda garbage keyboard flex super present. trying to fool me with the fake aluminium. Hp’s thermal paste application is garbage and the worst offender were the hinges whoever though reinforcing a heavy 17 inch panel with plastic needs to be fired. Thank god I got it used for basically no money, thank god it decided to die right when Lenovo decided to have a family day sale

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People who walk in the “out” door at grocery and big box stores. While “In Through the Out Door” is a great album title, in practice doing so is gonna get you run over by a flatbed full of cases of water at a Costco.

True story: I was leaving a grocery store pushing a cart full of groceries, including a 50 pound bag of dog food and a couple cases of bottled drinks. This particular grocery store had doors clearly marked “Enter” and “Exit” and the openings are not wide enough to pass a grocery cart and another human side-by-side simultaneously. I get this heavy cart up to walking speed and some idiot decides to walk in the out door at the exact moment I’m trying to walk through it on the way out. Of course this store has product stacked up along the outer walls so you can’t see anyone coming either. Needless to say, this grumpy old guy collides with my cart and proceeds to give me a chewing out. I’m trying not to laugh at him because he looks like a mall Santa with belly and beard and was wearing about a medium size T-shirt with 3 inches of belly jelly hanging out the bottom. Futhermore, and you can’t make this up, that T-shirt had a screen printed message: “I’m just like you except smarter and better looking.” :roll_eyes:


Some random rants:

The failure of natural selection to create a rational human brain.

The failure of science and technology to invent a time machine. (I desperately need to go back to stop myself from making at least a dozen or so truly monumental bad decisions [cf prev point]. Not to mention the 10,000+ bad decisions with relatively fewer repercussions.)

The failure of science to invent a non-addictive pill to block acute pain.

The failure of global warming to tame the Canadian winter.

The demise of the “diffuse field” tuned headphone.

The failure of recording labels to agree on what an orchestra actually sounds like.


Wow this got real lol


im going to make this explode

star wars


I counter your Star Wars with Robotech. >.<