So, what next? Looking for new headphone DAC/AMP advice


So, at the moment, I’m currently enjoying my FiiO K3 and DT770 Pro (80ohm) combo for my daily office fix of music whilst I work. I really enjoy the Beyerdynamics - but wonder, what would be my next steps. What would be better? I guess another pair of headphones would be the next step. I really, really like the look of the 1770 Pro’s which I suppose are an upgrade from the 770’s? If I were to try these out, would the K3 suffice, or would that need to be upgraded to? (I note the 1770’s are 250Ohm).

Any advice welcome.

So personally I wouldn’t recommend the 1770 pro imo, they messed up the tuning and it just doesn’t sound that great imo. If you did want that direct upgrade, you could consider the 177x go as the massdrop version has a better tuning imo and is easier to drive

If you wanted to grab something different, what do you like about the 770, and what would you change?

Honestly, I have to say I quite like the DT770’s as is.

Upgrading to the K3 from a E10K made a huge difference to the sound (so, so much better)

Maybe I don’t need to do anything at this point?

Hmm, what if you just picked up a 770 250 ohm? It’s just a more refined version of your current 770, but you may want an amp/dac like the fiio k5 pro or xduoo xd05

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Interesting idea - I will investigate.

Alternately use the k3 as a DAC and get a liquid spark,atom ,or heresy

Very true, I didn’t consider that, that would be pretty great

OK. I haven’t looked at any of those at this point, so… for SCIENCE, time to go look at stuff. I’m in the UK so I should be able to get most stuff.

You can get a schiit heresy over there then for a good price, as the atom and liquid spark would be harder to get

You mean one of those?

I can’t get any of them on Amazon weirdly… nor Ebay

Hmm out of stock on both the UK and euro store. Well, I guess see if you can get a monolith liquid spark or jds labs atom (although it might be too pricey)

I can get a JDS Labs Atom for £150 on Amazon, ebay has nothing for the Monolith, though.

There are likely other places I can get things, but I’m so used to Amazon/eBay I’ve never really looked before.

Gotcha. That’s kinda pricey for the atom but it is a sweet amp

Cool - I’ll have a look around some more and see what I can get.

Thanks! have it for £129.99 - that’s not too bad?

Heh, same supplier through Amazon, just £20 cheaper!

That’s pretty good then :+1:

Legend, thanks for all the help.

Just make sure you have an rca cable :+1:

Yeah I shall need to get one of those too.

Specifically a 3.5mm to rca adapter

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