Songs you don't want to like, but do

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I can’t even fucking tell what he’s saying 90%of the time but it’s so fucking catchy


Basically any Adele song

Baby shark remix… Can you tell I have an 18month old…lol


burger…I liked the music, but the lyrics were meh. LoL!

Yeah the first time I heard it I got halfway through and skipped the track, sounded like a bunch of smug whiny crap. But it infected my brain and a few days later I was feverishly backtracking my history trying to find it lol.

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this fucking song too damn catchy
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there is nothing i want to dislike from this song. Honestly this is FUCKING GOOD

I think its good but I dont want to like it for some stupid reason

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lol what a fucking classic

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holy shit thnx riceguru. Just bought it from qobuz, adding it to my phone asap

Being born in 1976, i cought the whole “eurodance” scene growing up. Even though i was more in the grunge and rock camp, there were quite a few “dance hits” i really liked (and still think is ok). Though these are not my finest moments when it come to my musical taste, i will admit that much :wink:

That said, there are lots of dance/house/electronica i like from that period that i feel has much higher production and musical quality, and that i have no trouble admitting i like, but those above i feel i shouldn’t really enjoy as much as i do :slight_smile:


this is the stuff I grew up on Knutmh. don’t forget Technotronic, C+C Music Factory…oh so many! :smiley:

yeah… there where lots… as i mentioned i was much more into the rock and grunge bands from that period, but i did listen to a lot of pop and dance… Then a bit later i was very much into the french “wave” of house/electronica like Daft Punks “homework” album, Cassius, Stardust (“music sounds better with you” had a some great remixes with Madonna and Lisa Stanfield mixed in), Air etc.

the trashy side of me has been coming out too much but this song is too fun and just vibes


Holy cow! Them b00bies sure keep you distracted from the horrible music :joy:

I’m just too much of a hoar for songs with food metaphors.

food metaphors, eh? try this on for size…