Sound and audiophile

You will never get a straight answer from an uptight audio file they will give you Mumble jumbo they will try to make you feel inadequate

Most if not all members of THIS forum are quite helpful and are not going to baffle you with bullshit. Have you asked a question here and gotten the wrong answer or a unclear explanation? Did someone not understand what you were asking? If so have you tried to explain or reword said question for a better response?


Jetman is right…we don’t look down on others here. some have money for some stuff most of us can only dream of, but they’re not hoidy toidy snobbish or anything. heck, M0N is pretty darn humble and meek!


What was the question?


Interesting, I’m wondering the same. Did you have a specific question that needs answering?
Also I’m pretty positive this site and it’s patrons are very proud of not talking down to people so please ask anything you need.

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Problem also would be that where is seldomly a one size fit all answer for everyone because audio is a very personal experience, we can nudge you in the right direction but often one has to experiment a bit to find the sound you like
So if a question comes like what’s the best HP for 200 bucks don’t expect any wonders :wink: favorite music any prior experience and your chain can help with recommendations :grin:


When my audio files get uptight I just play them through a warmer source because the warmth tends to relax them…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


since there is no right or wrong answer in audio, does it matter? people can talk about objective. but there is no objective. there is only subjective. one mans truth, is another mans trash.

edit: and every forum i have seen, people give the answers. depending on the forum, depends on how much bs you have to wade through


If you want simple answers to complicated questions, there are various religions, sects and cults to pick from.

Since reality is not a frictionless vacuum, the answer to “what color is that?” will always be “could be red”.


Everybody’s experience is different all the time every single time and every different time!

Yes you are correct but there are some very stuffy people on this site as well. can’t stand them. There’s always some asshole that has to make a stupid comment. We should be here to have fun and enjoy not be ridiculed!

Who’s been ridiculed and by whom?


My feelings are extremely hurt I’ve been crying all day LOL I think I posted on the wrong comment. Not that I give a shit but I have been ridiculed for posting music from Tidal… most of the people on this forum are cool,but there are few trolls

I think he’s actually trying to be helpful and do his job as a mod. If you’ve been ridiculed by someone they should be confronted over their behavior. That’s why he asked who was responsible for the ridicule.

Yes for the most part this forum is awesome! I have had a few problems I’m not going to go all the way back and try to find it. It really is not a big deal. Thank you for your concern.

It would appear OP is referencing his conversation in this thread; Listen to "Occult" on TIDAL

To be clear, it could entirely be a miscommunication. When I first read through that thread, I did not interpret what was said to OP as ridicule, but going back over it, I think I can see where he might have interpreted some of it in that sort of light.

The problem is, Tidal is one of the primary services trying to push the MQA standard, and it is that standard which caused the negative reactions to the links to songs from that service (as I detailed in this post)

It’s alright though, we all start out not knowing everything, if we had all the information from birth, life would be rather a bit more boring, because there would be nothing to learn. =)

I suggest avoiding Tidal as a service, and avoiding anything else that supports MQA as much as possible.

Just because I use tidal doesn’t mean I use mqa. I do not support mqa in any way shape or form. That format will never come out of my speakers! That’s like saying you shouldn’t support Spotify because they don’t play lossless music?

Do you not support Spotify because they do not play lossless music? I don’t support mqa in any way shape or form! That format will never come out of my speakers. That being said, I just happen to be listening to Tidal that night. I’m good with red book 44.1 k

No worries there, it’s just that which generated the response in that thread. I only made the suggestion to avoid it because it will keep you from getting poor responses such as what you experienced in that thread.

I personally take things a bit further when it comes to avoiding companies and products if they do things I think are particularly abusive toward the customer, it’s a vote-with-your-wallet situation.

For example, I won’t buy any EA (electronic arts) products because they are particularly abusive and damaging to the gaming industry, and I avoid Apple products entirely because of their anti-consumer stance on right-to-repair and their use of slave labor in China to produce their products, and their invasion of their customers basic right to privacy by monitoring and examining all the data on Apple phones. Apple is pretty egregiously terrible

  • (did you know Apple is now helping the Chinese government to track down and squash anyone who is protesting against the constant lockdowns the CCP are still doing over in China using Covid as an excuse? And when I say squash, I mean the protestors are being hauled off into prisons by the thousands. And these aren’t violent protestors in any way, they are just standing around holding up signs and complaining publicly about the lockdowns! Yep, it’s still going on over there… it’s a huge mess over there right now. Apple sucks, never buy anything from them)

But I understand if other people will still buy from those companies, though i will continue to suggest they avoid doing business with companies like that for the previously listed reasons.

Services and products that support MQA are in the same boat for me, that service is bad for the audio community, it’s an attempt to abuse the community with a bad product that not only reduces quality (and lies about it), but it also tries to hook people on services that require endless subscription fees to continue using. It’s a bad egg all around - don’t eat bad eggs. :wink: And never pay companies to abuse you.