Soundstage and imaging monsters under $500

I wanted to get pair of open back headphones to compliment my Aeons. Main purpose is classical, live music and female vocals, with strongest emphasis on soundstage and imaging.
Which headphones under $500 you consider golden standard for these? I don’t mind EQing, they will be used with Chord Mojo. And nothing second hand, up to $500 for new pair.

By all accounts? the new GoldPlanar GL2000 might be up your allay

…if not then for imaging the DT1990 might also be worth looking at :+1:

Argons probably have the most immersive sound stage in that price. Maybe T60 argons? I havent heard them tbf, but its at least worth a look

I was considering DT1990. I never listened to BD but I may end up getting them, even just to return.
GL2000 is very tempting but more expensive version with shipping and customs would probably end up over $700 since I’m EU. There is also waiting time.
As for Argons I would probably have to wait 2-3 months, I also don’t want another closed back pair.
Most of the things that picked my interest are either sold out or in production with several months of waiting time.

Soundstage is really important to me since I had a pair of ProAc stereo speakers some years ago. Are there any non planar headphones that would make this soundstage freak happy? The under $500.00 mark would make that extra sweet! Thanks for starting this thread!!!