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That moment when I realized that all my favorite movies, series, anime have one thing in common: aurally delicious soundtracks!

Posts your favorites below!

I’ll just drop this gem for starters:
https://interstate76.neocities.org/ (one of Zeos favorites)
You are welcome… :slightly_smiling_face:

For those with a taste for the macabre. This is a masterpiece. Listen at night, in the dark. Wojciech Kilar - Bram Stoker’s Dracula OST.


In no particular order:

Master and Commander


Doom (2016)


Scratching the surface, here, of course…

The Hot Spot:


Kansas City:

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Kansas City! I need to procure a copy of this. Awesome find!

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Practically everything by Hans Zimmer. I got the complete expanded soundtrack of The Lion King by him, which I highly recommend if you want the entire full length one, not the original release.

Those are only a few.

Hans The Zimmer. I agree, anything he touches is gold. Truly enjoyed “In Concert” on Netflix. Wish I caught them live when they played Atlanta!

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Howard Shore is hard to beat. This video does a decent job of illustrating how the themes are interwoven so meticulously.


I love Howard Shore… especially when he has Ornette Coleman improvising atop his orchestral stuff:


Yes he is amazing. Agreed.
Another I must add (many more to come), has to be The Balto Expanded Original Soundtrack (not the original release) by James Horner. This is a special release by Intrada records that expanded the original soundtrack release, and included the actual song versions that were used in the film, rather than the ones that were discarded, but also includes those. It also comes with a booklet that dives into the creative process he used to score this wonderful work.
The opening title gives me this very warm feeling, and the melody is very moving:

One of my favorites is the climax of the movie, a track called ‘Heritage Of The Wolf’. The way it builds up to the big moment is quite amazing, the strings playing the melody, then the horns, and it builds up to this stirring crescendo of sound, the horns sound heroic, and the crashing cymbals are exquisite:

Sorry for low quality, best I could find on YouTube.
If you love horns, moving melodies with strings, and clarinets, or just James Horner in general, this is one of his greatest works, even if it wasn’t a great movie. However, it is sold out on Intrada’s website now. It was $25 then, but it is now selling on Amazon for $125 new, due to the rarity of it. There is still one website you can buy it brand new for a low price. I will link it here:

Can’t vouch for audio quality of these YT vids because I’m on my phone. But here are some of my favorite soundtracks that haven’t been mentioned yet:

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Some excellent clean guitars in there, like:

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My favorite Ghibli soundtrack is Kiki’s delivery service

My favorite anime and soundtrack is samurai champloo

My favorite game soundtracks are anything Darren korb composes

Okay I’ve gotta say a few of my favorites now that you say this

Destiny 2 (whatever you think of the game) has a fabulous OST.

Literally all of Gurren Lagann’s OST is amazing. Even if you don’t care for Anime, this show’s OST is a must listen.

I could post nearly any song from any Halo here but this is easily the most memorable one for me.

Katana Zero’s OST is full of a whole bunch of different types of music, though mostly synthy types.

Hotline Miami needs no introduction. I’ve got 6 physical albums from the dudes who made this psychedelic soundtrack.

DUSK is a god damned masterpiece as a whole. If you’ve never heard of this game, do yourself a service and look into it.

Finally, Deus Ex. Need I say anything about this?

Gunpoint. I wish they’d patch the game, but the soundtrack sure doesn’t need patching.

If you enjoy Gunpoint, you gotta try Heat Signature. Made by the same people.

Probably my favorite video game soundtrack followed by the halo 3 odst soundtrack and persona 5
as far as non video game thom yorke did a fantastic job with suspiria