Speaker amp under 1000$


Have been thinking about amps again… What would you buy for under thousand bucks?

Been thinking about the Yamaha A-S801

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For what speakers?
How big is the room?
I think $1000 is where I’d start looking for something used.

Sorry should have been more detailed :smiley:

Speakers are Klipsch RP600M and the room is not too big, i guess medium-small size.

What kind of inputs do you need? PS Audio Sprout and add a better DAC to it would put you at $1000

Can be all analog, DAC is separate. Also phonostage is not necessary. Can always get a Schiit Mani if need one :smiley:

Avantone CLA-200 could be an option, would have to figure something out for input selection though.

Marantz PM6006 is quite nice.

The speakers don’t need 2x100 watt

I would get them upgraded since the cabionet is a bit thin and undamped and not the best frequency responce, crossover, there is more than 1 part , just search for them on new record days

I really love my Line Magnetic 216ia tube integrated amp. I also love how Klipsch sounds with tubes as well. Definitely read up on it, I think you get quite the value at the price point.

Actually I am using the Pm6006 at the moment :smiley: Its a fine amp, but kinda feel something is missing. Sound is clear, neat, detailed. But lacks that holographic, midrange focused sound that I would love.

Unfortunatelly my skills are not good enough to start hacking open 600 euro speakers (yes, thats how much they cost in Europe) :smiley:

Talking about tubes - since I am using this system as a daily driver too - youtube, sports, gaming etc - would you really run tubes all day long for that? Was thinking about Saga+ preamp, which would allow to use the tube or bypass it if needed.

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Sounds like you should try a rega Brio

Im not sure thats worth 800 euros with the reported quality issues (under Amazon reviews), but will keep that one on the list :stuck_out_tongue:

Schiit Vidar anyone? :smiley: (Will also buy a preamp then, dont worry :P)

Regas are some of the most solid amps I know… Just don’t order from amazon, they sell repackaged stuff

Take a look at:
Creek 50A, Exposure 1010, IOTAVX SA3

The Iotavx looks interesting. Have been watching many reviews on these. Would probably buy this https://www.iotaenterprises.co.uk/collections/amplifier/products/iotavx-audiophile-power-amplifier and a Schiit Saga+, rather than the full thing. And then perhaps add one more PA3 later :smiley:

Couple weeks ago saw a used Yamaha A-S1100 for 600 bucks, did not have certain plans / money then - now its sold :frowning: That would have been sweet.

Thanks for your respnses by the way :slight_smile:

I don’t understand why even change amp to get “lacks holographic, midrange focused sound that I would love.” Ain’t more of speaker location and speaker issue?
To me. Amp should just deliver clean power and amplify original signal without sound changes.

If you are in the EU, maybe the PAS 2002PCA could be an option. Same as the Avantone, you would need a Pre-Amp to handle input switching and volume adjust.

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If I am understanding correctly, you have an external DAC… You mentioned interest in the Yamaha A-S801… The Yamaha A-S701 is the same AMP less the internal ESS DAC and USB input for that DAC. You would save at least a hundred dollars, depending if you get the 701 on special. I have the A-S701 paired with the Klipsch RP600Ms… I am using a Shiit Mani phono stage and Modi 3 DAC just for streaming. It is known that the 600Ms are considered very efficient for bookshelf speakers, although some think it may be a bit inflated. I was using the baby of the A-SXXX series at 60 wpc, the 301 and it sounded good to me… very clean, but still not quite there. Bass was not quite as tight and maybe the sound was not quite as dynamic as I thought it should be. The higher dampening factor on the 701 tightened up that bass… the extra power made the the sound seem effortless, more dynamic. You may want to consider the A-S501 at 85 wpc and the same dampening factor as the 701. They all use the same phono section, which is not terrible, but an external like the Shiit is a big improvement. I am extremely happy with the combination… so much, I find it hard to pull away from listening.


That would’ve been sweet :raised_hands: … but if you want midrange focus I dont know if I’d recommend yamaha

I have no experience with denon but something like a PMA-800ne might be worth a look

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Well, moving speakers will result in different sound of course, but I am quite limited in my space (speakers max 0,5m from the wall). And using different amps in the same location has resulted in different sound signature, especially with tubes. Thats why I am also interested in tube pre-amps, because they really add some texture to the sound. But I guess it depends on your taste and speakers if you like that tube “fuckery” or not :smiley:

Thats sound too serious :smiley:


With the Yamaha - does it ever sound harsh or bit empty? Sometimes with my Marantz there seems to be a lack of “body” behind the sound, feels kinda harsh in the high frequencies. Adding a tube pre will sweeten the sound, but it makes it too bassy and muddy at times.

But yes, I mostly listen with external dac (the R2R portion in the Audio GD R2R 11), but I am planning to buy a 200-300ish turntable at some point. Will keep that Schiit phono on my shopping list :slight_smile:

Currently i am thinking moslty about the IOTAVX PA3 + Schiit Saga+ combo, but the 701 seems interesting.

Jungson amplifiers are interesting too. And Cambridge Audio CXA61 is definetely on the list.
Also interesting : http://www.soundshop.ee/?id=2772&toode=Taga%20Harmony%20HTA-800


To my ears, the A-S701 is very clean and neutral. The 600Ms are revealing. That is my preference. Source material recordings are not always best and I think that a neutral/revealing setup does just that… reveal. It seems as if you prefer a little more rolled off sound at the top?.. you mention considering tubes. But I have to wonder… while something like that is good for questionable quality recordings, maybe not so with quality recordings. I have no experience with tubes… The muddy bass would be a no go for me. You mentioned interest in the Cambridge CXA61… they are said to have that “British Sound”… a sweeter sound. Seems like this may be what you are looking for? The IOTAVX PA3 certainly caught my eye more than once too. A lot to consider…

Maybe a bit rolled off. The 600Ms are never like “harsh, harsh” like some IEMs that literally hurt, sometimes it seems just bit too much. Especially late at night, when you are tired and just wanna relax :smiley:

Recordings - well, they are quite random. Most are flac, some DSD too, but on the otherhand I watch lots of live clips and music videos on youtube :smiley:

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