Speaker Cable Risers

Bought myself some speaker cable risers, elevators, whatever you want to call them. The point is they work and they make your system sound glorious! I mean seriously, look at all they do for your system for only $598 for a set of 6. The red dot helps with stray EMI noise management!

To make this possible, we first experimented with several elevator materials, including wood, ceramic, and plexiglass. Ultimately aluminum was chosen for its musicality, neutral tonal balance, low-frequency weight, and high-frequency air. We then experimented with multiple HFT variations (the red dot you see on the riser below where the speaker cable rests) to interact with a cable’s EM fields. Ultimately we choose the HFT variant in Double-Blind Testing that brought out the most dramatic and musically satisfying results. UEF Performance Elevators do far more than elevate your cables from the floor; they raise up your entire system.

But I didn’t want to dive into the deep end of the cable riser world right away, so I bought these instead. I’ll report back in a month or so to give you guy s a detailed review! So excited.

$6.59 at Amazon!

What a U turn lol

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take it to the next level next without breaking the bank! :smile:

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These look really good, but I’m concerned they don’t have a red dot. I may upgrade to these!


Solid buy. Once cables touch the ground they can never fly again.


that ebay add makes me want to make them lol. make 24 out of a standard 2x4x8’ for 3$

edit: and i should say make them to sell lol.

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When they coming out with RGB wrapped cable that light up on the bass hit. :fire::sunglasses::fire:


that’s a great idea! ooo i think i even know how to implement it… :grimacing: testing soon. i like the way you think!

edit: thinking about it more…i think i can get the light intensity to go up and down depending on how hard the bass note hits…hmmm ideas lol

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Pfft, the hell with these bush league ideas. You need to get a bunch of dowels and install your own utility pole system…


How about a smart riser so you can turn the red lights on, blink or change hue through voice command.


Coming soon to “Show us your backside”:


With smart RGB controller.


Guys… I’m not joking. I bought the toe spreaders for real’s yo. I’m expecting at least a $6.59 improvement to my audio quality.


Cant hurt, makes the system nice and tidy. Birds nesting all but one of my of my tv setups.

I use cable risers in my system… Actually, old telegraph cable isolators from along old railroad tracks, some dating back almost 100 years!

I use them for three reasons…

  1. They’re a bit of old history. Just think, there were roaring, bellowing steam locomotives rolling by these on a daily basis back in the day!
  2. They are unique and neat to look at. Not a one of these isolators are identical, not to mention slightly different styles and colors from different manufacturers over the years.
  3. Keeping the cables off the floor makes for easy sweeping/vacuuming around the system. Plus it just makes for a cleaner looking install.

In no way, shape or form do they do anything for the sound.


That’s a sexy put together system! Show us your back side!

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Thank you, sir. I recently pulled out my Martin Logan SL3’s and JL Audio e110 subs to put these Klipsch RP-8000F’s in here. I don’t currently have a picture of the “backside”. It’s typically not the pretty part of the system, though it’s not as bad as some I’ve had/seen. LOL

Just for fun, here’s the view from the listening seat, kitty beds and toys included. :yum: