Speaker Upgrade Time

I have SVS Ultra bookshelves. I love them and have had them for 3 years with upgraded amplifiers twice. I am looking for the next step up and would really love to hear the board’s thoughts. I am upgrading not because I am unhappy but because I want to know what else is out there or what else I might like and the folks on this board know a hell of a lot more than me. Thanks for the suggestions.

Something in real wood, gold binding post/company plaque.

Towers ?

You know we dont have a speaker porn thread.


I think I want to keep bookshelves. I have 2 SVS sb3000s for all the low end I can handle.

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Those things are agricultural.

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that term is completely lost on me

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Earth movers.

I suspected but it is nice to have confirmation that I’m not completely stupid. I think I will have them until the end of time I love them so much


Those are stand speakers.

I have been looking at the Dynaudio Evoke 20 but have no frame of reference. I have read that the SVS Ultra’s have some of that Focal sound that is famous but again I have never heard them either.

I think you are on the right track with dynaudio if you are looking for an upgrade to the svs with a more similar signature imo, or like a pmc twenty5 21i perhaps. What amp and dac/source are you running? And what do you like about the svs and what would you change?

I have a Burson conductor 3XP as my preamp and dac at the same time into Schiit Vidar monoblocks. I run my appleTV and Firestick through my tv and run optical into the Burson. I stream alot through the LivePhish app and stream music through itunes even though I know the sound quality isn’t hi-res.

I really enjoy the SVS sound and it works great for 2 channel home theater and for 2 channel listening but I know that I can get better. The SVS can get slightly sharp and slightly sibilant when I am really pushing them but at the same time I do like that sparkle of their top end.

Having heard them, the SVS are tasty. I like my Cionnsailes a lot. Definitely fixes what you’re looking for. Though you’ll be trading a tiny bit of clarity for a better timbre. Only heard the SVS ultras for a little bit though, so my comparison might not be perfect.

Just wanna spread the good word about Holt Hill Audio <3

+1 Phish :+1:

Klipsch heresy/KL-650-THX- put them on stands?

Tannoy Revolution XT8F if you want something big. Personally, don’t have space for those, so ordered a pair of Kef LS50 Metas. Apparently, Kef has “fixed” the treble, making it less bright but keeping and improving everything else great with the speakers. Should get them next week.


Hmm, seems you didn’t want towers :smiley: Tannoys sure are big towers :smiley: But under/around 1500 there is nothing that really matches the Kef if you have the low end to support them. Their only problem is that they are not the biggest speakers, so can’t expect big low end.

Wharfedale Evo 4.2 might interest you too. I would advise checking out Zero Fidelity on youtube, who has made great reviews about the Kef and the Evo 4.2

After watching how Zeos had to tweak the Hereseys to get them right I just don’t know if I will be happy with them and I don’t have nearly as much experience as he does.
The Tannoy’s look really interesting as well, I saw the NBT review of those but yeah I do want to stay with bookies.
I am okay with going up to around 3K which is why I was considering the Dynaudio Evoke 20s as well.
I have definitely seen Zero’s Wharfdale reviews as well.
I just have no frame of reference comparing all of these to the SVS Ultra sound which is really the only good speakers anyone I know has.

look at speaker purchases more as flavors and collectible. Which i wasnt supposed to do again, Lol.

Its better for the bank account youre not into the tinkering part.

Triangle Genese Trio, Sonus Faber Venere 2.0 and something from B&W would be nice too. Personally have no experience with SVS as a speaker company, only subs. For some reason, I find it weird to think about them as a hi-fi stereo company, more like a home theatre company.

That is a good point, I plan on keeping my Ultras, in fact after seeing their guts over at g-r research I might try my hand at upgrading that crossover design and end up with a much better speaker in the end. Speaking of Triangle there is also the Comete EZ that Z loved so much that I have thought about as well. I just found a pair of Zu Omen bookshelves that I would love to try out as well for a good used price that is tempting me even though there are several people on here who seem to hate them.