Speakers for bedroom TV

Perhaps not the ideal setup but it is an apartment that I just moved into a few weeks ago so I’m just doing my best to deal with it. Hopefully I’ll be in a home sometime in the next few years :slight_smile:

Anyways this is my setup and I am considering moving my bed over to the right to make it line up with the TV better but it is heavy so I’ll do that later.

On the sides of the TV I have ~5" of space on each side but honestly I don’t think that there is anything that would fit that would still be good. Go ahead and prove me wrong though if you can.

In the black boxes I was thinking I could get a speaker stand or something and I have ~8" of depth and ~8" of width to work with but there is waaay more wiggle room here than right next to the TV. It also could be possible to put the left channel on the far left but I feel like that might be weird with how the TV is to the right. dunno though

I do want to do surround if not now eventually but honestly I don’t really know much about speakers at all as I have been a headphone person forever as this is the first time that I’ve ever been living on my own.

Just for reference this is the other side of the room. I will prob swap those two side things so that the bed can be lined up with the TV. Oh and I mostly watch anime on this if that shapes any sorts of suggestions.

edit: and yes I haven’t hanged up my stuff yet… I have lots of posters and stuff I just haven’t put them up yet.

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I assume your TV has an optical output.

Then an SMSL AD18 powering a pair of JBL Control 1 Pro could work.
The AD18 also has Bluetooth, so you can listen to music from your phone without doing wierd cable shenanigans.

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It prob does? It is a LG OLED55B9PUA B9.

I’m more concerned about the space requirements and stuff fitting than anything else. I do want to be able to do surround as well in the future.

Oh and bluetooth doesn’t really matter for me as I have plex and my nvidia shield with built in chromecast and all that jazz (also have a plex server). I would prob want to get a receiver that lets me have room to grow and a sub as well.

As far as those speakers go I think that they might be too wide if you are thinking of me having them on the side of my TV. I will be getting a TV riser of some sort (or perhaps a new TV stand?) that would allow me to put a central channel as well in front of the TV.

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The space is 57 1/2" wide and the TV is 48.4" so that doesn’t leave us with much room. Actually less than I thought when I was just measuring each side of the TV.

Basically slightly over 4" ish of space for each. I doubt that I’ll be able to find anything in that space.

it does. it’s right next to the LAN jack.

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You are right, the JBL’s won’t fit next to the TV… Did my conversion wrong 5 inch is less than 13cm, not 15cm.

Yep, has an optical out. For surround sound, that will be of little use.

The cabinet your TV sits on, are all of those drawers?
Else you may have to find an unorthodox spot for the AV-Reciever/Amp to live (under your nightstand?)

There are speakers in a “pillar format” that fit that, those only do mids and treble though.

Any reason why I wouldn’t want to do a surround sound setup now?

There is actually a shit ton of space behind the TV (and even more if I move it forward a bit more) so I could put it in there but yes the dresser is all drawers.

But I do actually plan on either getting a ‘tv riser’ or a new TV stand. Prob just get a riser mostly because it would be easier. I was thinking of putting a central channel speaker there at the very least.

While they are out of stock and I’m not sure how great they are for main speakers the Micca COVO-S would fit I think.

Actually after I raise the TV up I should have room for speakers that are just wide and short but I don’t know if that would work well.

There is 1 1/2" (man I hate inches for small measurements. I need it get a tape with CM/MM lol) of space below the TV normally and I need to raise it around 9" to block the outlets.

That actually will make it easier than expected to fit stuff … I might just be able to get any normal speaker once this is taken into account. I’ll go do some quick math on the space we would have to work with.

By all means, go for it. I am not one to stop people from enjoying a hobby :smiley:

Solid plan there.
The Micca Covo-S are 4.2" wide.

If you raise the TV anyway, why not go for a pair of RB42’s and a OoO center?
You may want to get the left and right speakers further away from the TV though. I am no expert on speaker positioning (at least not for home/home theater), so wait for more knowledge to flow in :wink:

1 inch ≈ 2.5 cm

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The problem is that the god damn lines are harder to work with on an inch only measuring tape. Why hasn’t the US fully embraced metric yet? :frowning:

With 10 1/2" vertical space I should be able to fit the RB42 or perhaps a MB42X? Well both of those are actually within my allowed space now if I’m raising the TV.

As far as speaker positioning that may be tricky but if I move my swap my side tables to allow my bed to be centered in front of the TV I should be fine.

I’ll prob go for it. I’ll be doing another baller setup with a projector in the living room but I’m not in a rush to set that up while this whole covid mess is keeping people from coming over.

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I can vouch for the RB42. They are great speakers and paired with the SMSL AD18 they really love that power. I usually like to use the EQ to add a bass and treble boost to mine. They are great for movies too! I like using the SDB EQ feature on the SMSL for TV.
The remote for the amp is a bit hard to learn how to use at first, but with some practice I can now control the volume, source, EQ, and everything else from my couch with ease.


Since the location and space it what it is.
This could be one of those rare cases a soundbar might be good choice. One signal cable and power.

Unless wall mounting speakers above tv and adjusting / pointing them to bed.
Good mounts also add costs. Plus some amp/dac for passive or active speakers is needed.

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I decided to go with raising the TV up. Perhaps with a TV stand (I’m pretty sure that the TV has vesa support) about 9 inches and that will solve all my space issues for speakers. I wanted to cover the extra outlets anyways.

I still kind of want to go for a 7.1 setup but perhaps it would be better to do 3.1? for now and grow into 7.1 later. I have the money for it but finding space to mount the speakers might cause issues.

Okay I’ve thought this through a lot and unless someone suggests otherwise I think that I will go with a 3.1 setup with a pair of RB42’s and a OoO center. I still need to decide on the receiver and find a good TV stand so that I can raise the TV up around 9 inches.

I want to get a receiver that will be able to support 7.1 or perhaps better IF it doesn’t cost too much more than a 3.1 as I won’t be in this apartment forever.

Thanks again for the help and suggestions @MazeFrame I’m getting pretty close to the end game here on this lol. I basically in my room for awhile trying to think about all the possibilities and due to the shape of my room 3.1 like I said that I’m going with is best I can do.

Oh I guess that I need to figure out what sub that I’ll go with. That just goes under the side table against the wall right?

Edit: Okay I think that I’ve figured everything out now.

Prob going with this receiver https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/denavrx1500h/denon-avr-x1500h-7.2-ch-x-80-watts-a/v-receiver-w/heos/1.html + RB42 x2 https://www.amazon.com/Micca-RB42-Reference-Bookshelf-Speaker/dp/B07JC416LG/ + RB42C https://www.amazon.com/Micca-Channel-Bookshelf-Speaker-Woofers/dp/B07WK4KBZV/ and a VESA mount of some sort that will get me 10 1/2 inches or a bit more above the dresser. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0833XJV11

Just doing a final sanity check with people before I actually order.

Have you made the purchase yet? If not I have suggestions.

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I actually hadn’t yet because I changed my mind on the receiver and that went out of stock.

I decided to go with DENON AVR-X3500H instead for various reasons and I’ll just wait for the refurb to come back in stock. I almost got it but someone else was faster and bought it first :frowning:

As far as the speakers go I wasn’t able to raise the TV as much as I thought because it would have been uncomfortably high. I have 6.5 inches below the TV for the speakers. I was planning on getting Micca RB42 x2 but those would be too tall. I suppose that I could put them sideways and it would prob be fine? For my center I was going to get Micca RB42-C and that will fit no problem.


Here is a picture that would help understand the situation.

From the bottom of the TV to the dresser is 6.5 inches. I could have set it a bit higher but that is as high as I could comfortably set my TV.

While you’re at it, upgrade your bedding to something with 400 thread count or better, (chicks dig it) most important upgrade you can me in a bedroom besides a mattress. I’m assuming that’s already a high end memory foam variant?

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lmao it is actually a cheap memory foam mattress ~$300? But I didn’t want to spend too much on a bed when I prob will upgrade to a queen in about a year. It is a twin XL.

Not like I’m going to have anyone over in the near future with covid keeping everyone inside. Also a twin XL wouldn’t be large enough to have someone over.

My sectional couch does pull out to a queen though so if I really needed uh space I could use that.

accessories4less just told me that currently the refurb centers are estimated for 2 to 3 months until they start working again.

I guess that it will be awhile until I actually buy lol but oh well my TV’s speakers are actually pretty damn good for TV speakers.