Speakers/subs that can go super low 17-15hz

I was listening to my system today and my subs go pretty low, and for whatever reason super low bass like that just amazes me I don’t know why, you can’t hear it really, but your aware of it. What are the best speakers/subs that you know of that can perform super low like that?

The PB16-Ultra is pretty good at doing that, will get the job done

I’ve heard that before, alot of reviewers say the most impressive part about it is that they can feel the speaker in their spine.

It is a really nice sub, but not exactly what I would be looking for in music

Usually there is a need for large sized drivers and power to go so low. Not forgetting the actual enclosure which is important. Actual room will help the final steps.
Specially with speakers but subs might do it with smaller drivers.
Like a good 12" can do this in proper enclosure and room aid. Many times when speakers or sub’s specs are ±3 dB 20Hz, there is a good change to hit those super low notes.
If the specs are like -30dB at 20Hz that’s poop… :unicorn:

Actual speakers with ±3 dB ~17-15Hz… can’t think of any public/commercial speakers.
Know some that are in the ±3dB 20Hz zone but lower?

But subs other than SVS Ultra.
JL Audio Gothman
19 - 112 Hz (±1.5dB),
–3 dB at 17.5 Hz / 120 Hz

PARADIGM Signature SUB 2
±3 dB 9Hz – 260Hz

+/- 2dB from 19Hz - 220Hz (by pass option) ±3 dB 15Hz – 235Hz

Those above are fantastic.
and of course some Genelec subs will hit super low notes. Like the 12" in my current room will hit 14Hz at 0dB. Have also noticed that when playing these super low notes like 2-4 songs… i will get dizziness or nausea, maybe even headache.

Yeah, it really depends on the room for your actual performance, and pretty unnecessary to hit around the teens in hz (but still fun lol)

Hey, I don’t need a sub that can rumble a house into oblivion. However, I managed to get a pair of lightly used Adam a5x’s for $500 and was wondering if i should use some of my left over budget into a sub or if i would benefit at all. I saw that Adam has a new 10’ sub. I don’t know if that would pair well with the speakers or if i should look at something else. My speakers would be placed on a desk but the space would be very open. It would mainly be for music as well and a few movies every once in a while.

The atom sub would work just fine. If you feel that you want more, a sub can help, but I would say if you are perfectly satisfied already then the sub might not be worth it

Ill probably hold off for now then. Thanks!

You got me thinking so I pulled out the low frequency test tones to try my subs on, I can confidently say that the Monolith, THX 12” subs will play with authority down to 18hz, i was sitting on an end-table when I ran the test tone and experienced the weirdest sensation when the wood started to vibrate as if an earthquake were taking place. At 20hz i figured out what all the loose items in my house are, too many to bother blue tacking…Anyway, I didn’t bother to try and go lower, I simply smiled and appreciated the fact that I own and enjoy these subs. I’m sure there are better subs out there, just not at this price point. Let me know if you find better subs cheaper, I want them too.

Those monolith thx subs are actually pretty good for the price tbh

I keep debating on buying a more “musical” sub but honestly with one port closed off these Monoliths play tight and blend well with my speakers, no boominess or bloat. They get even tighter with both ports sealed but in the room i have them in i then lose the the bottom end i want for rap, techno, hip-hop, edm, trap, etc. One port sealed is just right for me. HT use tho is always both ports open

I don’t really know if I would consider a sub to be “musical” in the traditional sense, but do you mean something more suited to music or just a different sub

Let me try that again, when integrating the subs with my main speakers, “more musical” to me means that the subs “disappear ”. I don’t want to be able to “point them out” with my ears. I just want them to fill in the lower octaves and bring a certain “richness” that my speakers seem to lack without them. Does that make sense?

Ahhhhhh. Ok then something with a more even response and a good crossover. Have you tried tweaking the crossover on your current sub? If you get the crossover just right it could help.

Overall I am extremely pleased with what i have, unfortunately reading many many opinions and articles on different audio forums makes me wonder if I am missing out on something by not having subs known to integrate well with speakers in 2.1 systems, ie the JBL, Rel, sunfires, Genelac, or even the Rythmic subs. Those stand out in my head as highly recommended for 2.1 music systems.

I think its mainly that the sub you have is more tuned towards home theater, where subs from the manufactures you listed above are more tuned to music (from the most part). Also personally I prefer sealed subs for music because I think they are more accurate and also don’t have port noise that you might hear

I happened to have spent the better part of the afternoon, tweaking my living room system. Interestingly enough i raised the crossover point to 90hz and found the subs sound much better than the 50hz setting i had them on previously with my old Heresy speakers. The phase is spot on, and i finally also decided i prefer 1 port only closed. I’m sure next week ill do it all over agin…LOL

Lol yeah messing with speaker setups can get irritating lol because you find something you like, and then have the urge to mess with it, and potentially screw it up and then spend more time trying to get it the way you had it beforehand lol

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I’ve not yet managed to get these subs to “chuf” or make port noise, and i gotta say they play damned tight. I was testing them with drum music earlier today and it slapped you in the face. I was very pleased👍