Spirit torino, super leggera

New high end bass cannons?..in Ferrari red too lol.

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When i saw them i though they were new 1More headphones. they look a lot like the Triple driver headphone lol.

Grados actually. But made with aluminum, suede perf pads, and detachable cable.

Are they over ear?

Superleggera the bass cannon? Never thought of it. I always Heard the Twin Pulse with it’s twin isobaric system was the real bass beast.
Oh well, in march i’ll be trying all of their line (Superleggera, Radiante, Grande, Twin Pulse) at the “Milano Hi-Fidelity” to test it myself


Yes they are, all their headphones are over ear

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Very interesting first impression, I’m looking forward to his full reviews on all of Spirit Torino’s headphones. So far they do match up with what Andrea Ricci, founder of Spirit Torino says: very good dynamics in a fun headphone.
Now i am courious in how they perform with rock, which should be one of their strong points

P.S: just wanted to thank you for letting me know about this new reviewer, i really enjoy his videos!

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Their headphones are 1600$ to 3700$


Who are these guys? i never heard of them and their headphones look minimal and colorful lol. Are they actually worth their price?

No idea but I love niche brands and i’ve been following Williams reviews on them…maybe they’ll be at the London Canjam? so I can get a listen :+1:

Well they are pretty new in the audio world.
They started producing their current line of headphones back in 2018 if i recall correctly, i think they started off with the Superleggera, then the Grande, the Twin Pulse and the Radiante was their last product (released some where around september 2019).
But they actually started in 2016 by modding a pair of sr60e/sr80e (if i recall correctly) and were selling it for about 340 euros (it was called the Spirit Labs mmxvi series). back then was well received in the italian community.

Don’t really know if they are worth the price, but in march i’ll try all their lineup at an italian event.

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Hmm don’t really know…but in their last months they did a lot to get known.
They did a “Spirit world tour” (china, turkey, Indonesia, norway, japan) and have recently been at the Munich hi-end as well as at other european events such as the warsaw audio video show 2019

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They look like Grado mods

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Good idea actually. There seems a lot about the grado’s that needs to be modded lol. Those pads for one thing

They actually use the same style parts as Grado. Not sure which are different or the same and what driver differences are. They definitely make nice looking headphones.

Those pads look different as well if anything bthey are just Grado inspired especially the cup design and headband designs

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Yes they use the same style parts as Grado but thats where the similarities end.
The drivers are made by Nhoord Audio, the pads are the result of a collaboration between Spirit Torino and Dekoni.


Interesting that dekoni is in on this too

I made my own headphones a while back using nhoord red V2 drivers. They didnt cost that much, so I’m curious why the prices are so high on these?