Spotify Hifi Coming Later This Year

Lossless Spotify. Wow did they take their sweet time with it.



I can’t wait. It’s about time too.
Depending on the price this might be a day 1 upgrade for me. I find myself missing the quality of Tidal but Spotify has way more of my music.

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An extra $3 a month won’t kill me…



I’m not sure there’s any real reason to go beyond 320kbps in an mp3 as even very well known engineers can’t tell the difference in blind AB tests.

that’s not discounting better music from different masters and such.




well, really, it probably has more to do with your age and experience in listening / critiquing the music you listen to.

but I believe what I said applies to the average Joe 100%.

If you mean age in terms of experience you might be right. But going into higher frequencies isn’t the only thing that improves with HiFi, so I would respectfully disagree with that in particular. Interesting perspective tho

I would consider it but I prefer to have stuff locally stored. I DO however use Spotify at 320 and it sounds decent enough for finding new music. I love it. For people who just stream I bet this must be amazing

I can hear differences between 320 and FLAC for stuff I’m familiar with, but it doesn’t make a big enough impact for me to justify additional cost. If I really like an album and want to listen to in more… I’d rather just buy the CD or files.


You forgot the…

mmm…that’s a Jakalope, not a snake. :smiley:

I meant age…younger people have better hearing than older.

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I too… Know how to use the dots… To sound smarter…


…but…I…am…smarter… :wink:

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Also yeah it’s better in terms of the frequency range that they can hear but I would think that after being in the audio circle everyone would realize that high and low frequencies aren’t everything in terms of what you hear for. So I would highly debate that only that factor makes younger people’s hearing “better”

Fair enough lol. I can accept that

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Billie Eilish tells me to buy this product…so…should I? idk.

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I think it’s great, I would love to try this since Tidal isn’t available in my country (unless I do a work around through a VPN and register there etc.). I really enjoy Spotify’s convenience, recommendations and interface.

In all honesty though I’ve had a hard time discerning some 320 (high quality Spotify) with that of my FLAC library. It’s either that I’m not experienced enough, my signal chain isn’t capable of resolving the quality, or my hearing is getting bad… Maybe even all three.

Can’t be more cringy than this:


cmon i JUST JOINED TIDAL like 5 months ago