Spotify sound just got worse!?

(i always had premium) Today when i opened the desktop app i was in shock with the new update, at the surface it seems only a visual difference and they removed alot of features… it’s a shitshow now imo. And then i played a couple of songs and i heard something lesser than before.
Can someone more seasoned in sound confirm this?

Perhaps the quality settings got changed, have you checked on those?

Yup mate, that was the first thing i checked

I thought I was going crazy or paying closer attention but I feel the exact same way (also premium user).

when I popenned spotify it had normalize volume on do you ave that on? as that adds a lot of dynamic compression and could be causing a problem.

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No it’s off. You don’t hear a difference in the sound?

It’s also curious that now on their website, where they explain the advantage of having premium they no longer talk about the sound quality “listen with high bitrate with premium bla bla bla…”

not really… I havent been using spotify for a while now as ive been going through my flac library lately so Iunless I have both versions of spotify and side by siding I dont think I can distinguish.

it sounds like they added a slight eq it does sound a bit different from what I can remember sounds slightly bassier

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You are exactly right about the low end. For someone that uses spot daily that’s something i found right away. And there is also something about the space around your head that hits different. And the separation also sounds more cluttered.

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I was noticing the presentation was a bit off but I put on that on the headphones I was using cause I dont use it much fells a bit narrower than it used to be

Seriously bruh, it’s a shitshow. I was just listening to one of my favorite songs and i could notice the difference within the first 5 seconds. It just sounded bad…
Also found another guy on reddit complaining about the sound as well.

I wonder if they released an update that has the underpinnings of their new “hi rez” tier and it’s by design or accident affecting everything else.

So when they indeed open that “hi rez” it will be better than the current bad sound but not that different from the one before.

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Is it only happening on the app?

nope that one was me I was asking reddit to see if anyone else noticed.

Forgive me if you’ve answered this…what version number of Spotify are you noticing this with?

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This. Unfortunately.
They know the “small” differences to most produced by hifi advantage will be tougher to notice to consumers on consumer-grade gear.

This is how they will “create” enthusiasts. If you believe in the long game, this could be good for our overall passion. The short game is that all of us will be forced to pay for hi-res from somewhere.

I now use Tidal, but still am on a Spotify family plan. I always liked the interface and library size, but on the last app update, I hate the way they’re now organizing my podcast list.



OK. I’m running the same version number minus the “-a” at the end. A cursory listen didn’t turn up a readily noticeable differenc in sound quality from what I know of Spotify. However, I haven’t listened closely to Spotify on my high-end rigs lately. I have Spotify premium but only use it for background and OTG use, not cricital listening. I was already noticing a big difference between Spotify and Qobuz’s quality and run Qobuz when I want to get lost in the music. I’ll let you know if I notice anything, though.