Stack 'em High!

I hate to post this, because I can see a leaning tower come crashing down…

… but I have to ask - who here holds the record (with photographic proof) of the tallest stack? We measure many things around here… but have we measured stack height?

I hereby disavow all responsibility for the loss of equipment due to catastrophic tower collapse

From a casual look around the forum, I believe @lost33 may be a contender with this:


/me swings his stack tower of girth and height around aimlessly… :rofl:

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There should be a “gear weight topic” on daily / weekly used stuff (not including gear that is not used / warehoused). Who has heaviest gear load?

Stack high = one… lol


Quite the contender. It is begging a toddler to knock it down

I dunno, is this considered a stack?

LOL! Waiting on the judge’s decision! :laughing:


Nah it’s not a pure stack you did good but did a spread at the top so we can’t count it because it’s a hybrid, only pure in breed stacks count :stuck_out_tongue:


Bonus points for good thermal management! But I think @DuerumBen is right - judges disqualification due to use of unsanctioned spacers.

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I am sad but I accept the decision.


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do speakers stacked on each other count? before i upload my mess, i want to know :wink:

because i use 2 vintage infinities with 10 " woofers facing backwards, with a couple more sets of speakers stacked on top. the infinities for the 10" woofers, the other 2 sets for mids up. but it makes a pretty tall pyramid of speakers :slightly_smiling_face:

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