Stax In-Ear Monitors

Bring your Universals
Bring your Chifi IEMs
Bring your CIEMs
Bring your planar in ear headphones

Nothing can compete with a proper Japanese electrostatic and nothing says Japanese Estat like Stax

Stax has been making Electrostatic in ears for decades now and I still haven’t found any normal IEM that surpasses their products when it comes to audio quality


Post your pictures, impressions and thoughts for internet points :wink:

How do these compared to the Lambda series? Do they have the same level of detail retrieval and Stax sound?

Obviously the can’t reach the exact same quality and definition, if they could why’d stax make the Lambdas so large?

But they get damn close for the size and price.

How’s the comfort and fit? I see a few people complain about strange fit. But everyone’s ears are different so 🤷

The fit isn’t the best
Just fine is how I would describe it.

Stax themselves know this and made the CES A1 set
Which really improves the fit and comfort

Interesting, will have to take a look, as I liked the sound but they did not fit me well

Decided to pick up a pair of SR003MK2s instead of the tapes or other not really estats, can’t wait to get them in

Cool…do they require an energizer?

Yes, I also picked up a srm d10 to power them

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That’s quiet a step up (in terms of budget and performance) from the Shuoer Tapes, but in this hobby it seems easy to justify it to yourself :slight_smile:

Let us know how you find them.

Will do, I just figured that now since I have other estats, a portable estat would be interesting


How are the SR003 MK2?

Pretty awesome tbh. I actually don’t feel that weird using them in public with low volume so they actually are viable for portable. It’s pretty much a stax in your ear and you get most of the sound of stax in that small package


That sounds amazing, since Stax headphones seem very hard to replicate in any other way.